Guest Experience: Hotel Trends to Watch in 2022

When you make choices in a hotel, you experience the same worry. fear of being left behind by commercial trends. This is the reason you are here: to become informed about current hotel industry advancements

For your benefit, we have prepared a whitepaper to help you plan your itinerary. Our group spoke with hoteliers and journalists. You will be directed to premium content by these lines.

Never compromise on quality for anything. The guest experience cannot be improved every day. Benchmarking is a useful technique for producing top-notch travel experiences.

Technology has the ability to quickly alter trends. We now have access to more and better options for unforgettable experiences because to technological advancements.

There isn’t time to unwind.

For the past 24 months, this has been obvious. The

The epidemic has caused a quick transformation in the industry. This holds true for both big and little hotels, as well as for vacation homes.

Technology-based tools are now a requirement rather than an option. Sustainability, digitalization, and a paperless experience…

These are necessary, but not sufficient to set your hotel distinct from the competition. Whether you are a hotel operations director or a revenue manager, you must stay current.

In 2022, there are four hospitality trends to watch.
The location is appropriate. In our whitepaper, business leaders discuss how they incorporate the latest trends into their daily lives. where the hotel sector is going.

Technology, cell phones, environmentally responsible practises, and process simplification are the forces behind this development.

It’s a

Given that they hold important positions in major hotel chains, it is a good idea to follow the opinions of these professionals. You can download the report that details their findings and forecasts at the bottom. Here is a brief summary:

Make your employees your ambassadors.

Sustainable practises are crucial to guest hotel experiences.

Mobile phones are necessary for the hotel industry.

Local business travel ought to be prioritised

More tendencies are revealed in our whitepaper. All departments in hospitality businesses will be impacted.

They will significantly affect the interior design of hotel rooms. Sustainable materials were used in the design of these rooms. The social network department, which will convey all of these technological, ecological, and human developments, will also be impacted.

values. During their stay, guests will also interact with many departments. innovation, room service, and housekeeping.

  1. Avoid assigning your staff too many time-consuming responsibilities. Allow them to shine!
    In the past, working as a receptionist was tedious. To make sure visitors are aware of the wifi password, numerous routines are repeated repeatedly throughout the hour. a. Breakfast The rewards programme…
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The guest experience is unaffected by these practises. The client wants to be dealt with in a genuine, personal manner. The client’s true desire is to receive a humane treatment.

The ideal of the past was this. This is currently possible thanks to the guest experiences app. A tourist may access all the information he needs on his smartphone. Receptionists are no longer expected to behave like automatons. They should be


It goes far beyond than that. It’s time to give employees with soft skills and talent more consideration. If hotels encourage effective communication among personnel, their online reputations will improve.

As it stands, technology cannot deliver the human touch that actually makes a difference. Your staff members can. Your workers may use technology to innovate and create extraordinary experiences. The repetitive receptionist job will no longer exist.

“Digitalization will enable us to automate routine jobs. One of the top 150 figures in Spanish tourism, Jorge Alvarez from Hotel Gran Bilbao, claims that the hotel will also reimagine the reception concept.

Sustainability is important. Before making a reservation, guests should take this into account.
Sustainability and environmentally friendly policies have long been up for debate. Let’s be honest here:

the majority of customers don’t take this into account while making their purchasing decisions. For many reasons, this is no longer the case. If a company doesn’t care about the environment, its sales will suffer greatly in today’s economy. It will be challenging to live.

Our society is starting to understand the importance of protecting the environment. Not only hoteliers but others are aware of this. All hoteliers agree that it is acceptable. 83% of passengers worldwide agree that sustainable travel is crucial, and 61% say that the pandemic has inspired them to travel more responsibly, according to Booking.com’s sustainable 2021 study.

If you demonstrate that you are a paper saver, avoid using plastic, and use renewable energy, your clients will respect you. Are you considering making changes to your hotel?

You might think about constructing your hotel with eco-friendly components.

Create an app that displays maps of your hotel or other location. A mobile key that doesn’t require plastic might be possible to install. Take action and wow your visitors.

Repetitive activities will be easier with digitization. The idea of reception will likewise be transformed by it.

  1. In 2022, hotels will depend heavily on cellphones.
    By 2022, 6.5 million mobile devices are anticipated. Utilizing these communication options and include them in the hotel’s value proposition is crucial for both the client and the establishment.
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The visitor’s smartphone ought to have greater capabilities. It might function as a key. You can even order a personalised hamburger.

You can get a feel for the location of the hotel. From the hotel’s conference spaces to its décor, every little detail counts. It’s crucial to remember that typical decorations, or their absence, may have an impact.

Localization is an effective strategy. Even the busiest of clients will inevitably be curious about their surroundings. The better you can convey this to your visitors, the better your reputation will be.

The hotel sector has been dominated by these four trends in recent years. However, as we have already stated, it is evolving. In the coming months, there will be a lot of discussion about augmented reality, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence.


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