A Detailed Guide On Our First Wonderful Experience Of Performing Umrah

Performing Umrah

Umrah is a sacred obligation that all Muslim males and females perform. It should perform once in a lifetime if you can afford the cost of the Umrah package. Umrah is the Ibadah that every Muslim wishes to complete and become the host of the supreme creator of this universe. There are various times that Muslims can perform Umrah. The best season for performing Umrah is the month of October. This month will be the best and most pleasant season to perform this holy obligation. October Umrah Packages can help you perform all Umrah activities in a delightful and calm season.

This experience will give you calm and peace. If you have performed Umrah with devotions, it has tranquil you with calm your body and soul. Let’s read a detailed guide on How to perform Umrah with a great experience.

What Is The Purpose Of Umrah?

Umrah is an obligation every Muslim performs to get rid of previous sins. Additionally, this sacred worship helps remove the burden of life’s struggles. It wipes out poverty from our life. Muslims become a host in front of Allah Almighty and perform Umrah with devotion and intentions.

How To Perform Umrah?

Every process has some steps to perform. Same as Umrah, it has some mandatory steps to perform Umrah. We are guiding you through all the steps and their brief details.


The first step to performing Umrah is Ihram. You need to cover your bodies with two larger-sized sheets. These sheets will cover the bodies of male pilgrims.

On the other hand, female pilgrims are allowed to wear a full dress that covers their whole bodies. Ihram is not mandatory for female pilgrims. This step cleanses your body to enter the state of Allah’s holy and sacred place.

Traveling To Makkah

The next step is you travel to the holy city of Makkah to perform Umrah. During travel in the season of October will not tire you. If you have chosen the best October Umrah   package, you will enjoy performing Umrah without feeling extreme heat. Make the intention to perform Umrah as a pilgrimage. October Umrah packages provide affordable umrah packages uk to perform Umrah in the pleasant season from UK.

Enter Masjid-Al-Haram

The next step is to enter the grand and supreme mosque in the whole world. It will give you calmness ad peace in your eyes to see this splendid mosque. Enter the masjid with devotion and intention to perform the first step of Umrah.


After entering the supreme and prime mosque of Allah Almighty, you need to circle Kaaba anti-clockwise. Circle around this mosque seven times.


Sa’i is the next step in the performance of Umrah. Also, Sa’i is the performance of walking and running between the two hills. The names of the two hills are Safa and Marwa, and you walk between hills seven times.


The last step of Umrah is to halaq. In this step, men shaved their heads. Women don’t need to shave their heads. Instead of this, they cut their hair for some inches.

Places to Visit During Performing Umrah

There are various beautiful and sacred places related to Islamic history. These historical places display cultural and traditional views. If you visit Saudi Arabia in pleasant and moderate months, you will enjoy and experience joy with performing Umrah. So, let’s visit the most beautiful and sacred places in Saudi Arabia.


It is the holiest and most sacred place in Saudi Arabia. This is the holy place at our holy prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) preached with Jibrael. It is the sacred place where Allah gives verses of the Quran to our beloved prophet. Every Muslim wants to visit this place and perform a few prayers.  


It is the grand mosque in Saudi Arabia. Our holy prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) built this mosque for prayers to Allah Almighty. It is one of the most blessed and beloved in Saudi Arabia. Every Muslim wants and loves to visit holy and sacred places.

The Bottom Line

Thousands of Muslims perform Umrah for Allah’s sake and increase their regard multiple times. So, don’t waste your time performing Umrah. Here, we are guiding you to a full blog that gives you all sorts of information about performing Umrah. There are various reasons to perform Umrah with beautiful experiences.  

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