Lifehack For Installing A Tail Bag Easily?

If mounted correctly, a tail bag makes your ride problem-free. One can use bungee cords or straps to attach the bag to the bike’s backside. It comes in many size options. A sufficient number of pockets are also available in tail and tank bags. These bags are the largest selling automotive accessories because of their utility.

The Procedure to Mount a Tail Bag

In the first place, the installation procedure of tail and tank bags for bikes may differ from one manufacturer to another. It depends on the size too. Reading the installation manual can be handy in such a case. Moreover, a good quality bungee rope is also necessary to install the tail bag properly on your bike. A universal procedure to mount the bag has the following steps –

  • Step One: Selection of Proper Mounting Strap

First, you must anticipate the weight you will carry in the bag. Select the mounting strap accordingly that would hold that much weight properly. Usually, four straps would hold a bag properly. You can use bungee cords to hold the bag tightly.

  • Step Two: Attachment of Mounting Strap

Attach the tail bag tail’s peak to your bike’s fender rack. The rear frame of the fender is the best option to do so. Now, use all four mounting straps to attach the whole peak tail.

  • Step Three: Threading the Strap

Take the loose end of the straps and thread those through the slot. Alternatively, you can incorporate the belt around a tube of the rack. This procedure entirely depends on the type and shape of the fender rack you have.

  • Step Four: Threading Back Through the Buckle

The next step is to thread back the mounting strap through the buckle. Repeat this process till the belt gets tight. A good quality buckle is indispensable in any mounting strap. These buckles help to hold the heavy bags firmly when the bike moves.

  • Step Five: Proper Placement of Peak Tail

It would be best if you place the peak tail in the exact centre of the rack. It is vital to keep the bike’s centre of gravity stable. As a result, the bike will remain stable during movement.

  • Step Six: Tighten the Straps

The last step is to tighten all four mounting straps properly. It will make the bag immovable even through the potholes.

Instead of the regular mounting straps, carabiner-fitted stretchable straps are good options too. In this case, you would need an anchor point that supports a 7.5 mm wide carabiner. Stretchable straps also give you adequate flexibility to tighten the grip. Demounting becomes more manageable in this case. It is an excellent mounting option for those bikes with saddle bags. 

Things to Consider Before Mounting

Before mounting a tail bag to your bike, you should consider the following parameters.

  • The Shape and Size –Tail and tank bags come in such shapes and sizes, which make mounting an easy job. You don’t need any unique expertise to mount it on your bike. Select a bag with a proper size that complements the space available on your bike. De-mounting also becomes an easy job with the appropriate selection in size and shape.
  • Variety in Materials – These bags come with a variety of materials. But soft cases are most preferred. It has an adequate number of pockets, making life easier for the riders. Moreover, soft cases are easier to mount due to the easy manoeuvre of straps through them.
  • Takes less space – If appropriately mounted on the fender, it does not disturb the freedom of the pillion rider. Using bungee cords gives you the flexibility to mount it on the pillion seat if you are riding solo. But stretchable carabiner-based straps are better if you are riding with a pillion.
  • Versatility – While mounting, keep an eye on the position of the pockets and other accessory holders. Strap in such a way so it doesn’t block your reach in an emergency.
  • Affordability – Find a sweet spot between your need and affordability. A Cheap tail bag might not be an easy option to mount. Moreover, do not leave any issue, if found, unaddressed. Repair the cuts and tears at the earliest convenience. 
  • Durable and Weather-proof – Materials used in the tail and tank bags are top-notch and long-lasting in the current scenario. Moreover, they are weatherproof. But ensure that the rack mount and straps are weatherproof too. It increases the life of the total system significantly.


Understandably, the tail bag has made life easier for bikers. Mounting and demounting are as simple as basic DIY jobs. Invest once in a quality tail or tank bag and enjoy peace of mind. These bags come in various designs and textures. Get one of those and start your rides towards the serenity of nature. 

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