How do zero calorie sweeteners impact weight loss and health?


Everybody wants to look good, and in many places in the world, that means thin, but there’s a problem.We’re eating more calories. Obesity rates worldwide have soared. And this has fueled what is now a $66 billion dieting industry in the United States alone of best selling books, frozen meals, membership programs,powders and pills, all claiming to hold the secret to weight loss.Studies have shown millions of people lose a little bit of weight and gain it right back.

Zero Calorie Sweeteners Vs Sugar

Zero calorie sweetener

Scientists have been on a quest to create something that can do what sugar does. Give us that sweetness and pleasure, but without all the calories we no longer need. Zero calorie sweeteners are the sweeteners that provide the same kind of sweetness as sugar does. But in a healthier way without having any hazardous effects on the body.


Sugar is responsible for the high rates of obesity, diabetes, heart diseases and cancer, and should be regulated. Sugar is addictive. We are literally poisoning ourselves by consuming it. We sometimes forget that sugar is not just sweetness. Sugar is energy, mouthfeel, happiness and many, many things in food and replacing it is a very complex process.

Ingredients in Stevi0cal sweetener.

There are only two ingredients in Stevi0cal sweeteners. Those ingredients are as follows:-


Extracted from leaves of plant Stevia rebaudiana 250-300 times sweeter than sugar. Steviol glycosides are responsible for intense sweetness. Stevia was found as people were coming up with new sugar alternatives or substitutes.

When in the past it was found out that sugar is the most harmful food of them all. People wanted more and more options knowing this. As the number of heart diseases were increasing and obesity.


Sugar alcohol Made from corn, fruits and vegetables 70% sweet as sugar Provides bulk. It is like crystals of starch that coats stevia powder around it.

Zero calorie sweetener such as Stevi0cal.

It helps in the following ways:-

It reduces sugar cravings: Stevia satisfies the cravings of having something sweet. It also minimizes the cravings of having something sweet at all. This happens when the brain tastes something sweet and it gets indicated that yes the craving has been fulfilled.

It is gluten free: Some people go on gluten free diets when they are following a certain weight management program. This helps them cut down on the unnecessary calories intake of that particular individual.

It is keto-friendly: For the gym goers and people following a keto diet. Having included stevia sweeteners in their diet won’t affect their diet. It will rather help the individual to maintain a healthy body weight.

It helps in maintaining good dental health:Stevi0cal powder being zero calorie. It does not carry any kind of bacteria. That decays the teeth. Therefore, it does not cause any kind of cavities in your mouth. It also does not cause bad breath.

Stevia is better than most artificial sweeteners: As it is a natural sweetener with zero calories. It is safe for the children as well. Most artificial sweeteners are not recommended for children. But,

Plant based: It comprises two ingredients that are natural. No chemicals are used in the formation of Stevi0cal stevia powder. Which makes it plant based completely.

Conclusion …

Weight management has become a very difficult task for the people these days. As it is very hard to control ourselves due to the availability of so many food options. Unhealthy fast food has become a part of many people’s lives these days. Weight management in general should be taken as per your preferences and lead on accordingly.Diets that you choose for yourself should not be the one according to your body weight or height. It should be the one that you would be able to follow and will help you with evident results and will bring good health in the long run.

The reason why most diets fail is this only. Some things work for some people and some things don’t work for other individuals. This should be taken into consideration too. Putting everyone with the same weight and height but a different body doesn’t help on the same diet.

People should start by majorly cutting sugar from their diets.

Sugar is a slow poison for the body. Then people should try to add healthy options in their diet. People should also include fun outdoor activities if they don’t like cycling, swimming and whatever suits them. They just have to be more active. Proper sleep also helps in weight management. Therefore, it is essential to take care of the amount of sleep you get.

“You didn’t gain all the weight in one day, you won’t lose it in one day. Be patient with yourself.”

-Jenna Wolfe

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