How Much Does it Cost To Develop a Custom School Management App?

Like every other industry, education sectors have seen a huge growth in the past few years, especially after the pandemic. The traditional approach for attending the classroom is now looking forward to a digital solution.  Many education and learning institutes are planning custom school management app development to leverage their learning process, and you can take this as a good business opportunity. 

Are you planning to develop a custom school management app but worried about the development cost? If yes, in this post, we will share the estimated development cost based on various factors. 

Factors Determining The Cost To Develop A Custom School Management App In 2022

1) Type Of Application for Your School Management App Development Services

When you are developing an app, you must consider the type of app you want to develop for the business. In general, there are three types of apps:

a) Native Apps

Native apps are developed when you plan to develop an app, especially for the mobile OS (Android or iOS). These apps are developed using modern programming languages like Java, Kotlin, Python, C++, etc. Native apps are a singular focus, thus, you can expect faster and more reliable performance. 

b) Progressive Web Apps

Web apps are similar to native apps, but work in web browsers of your mobile devices. You need not have to download and install the code, instead these apps are adopted according to the user devices they are on. 

Progressive web apps are the best example of web apps, a native app that runs inside a web browser. The PWA’s are designed using HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, and similar programming languages

c) Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps are web app that looks and feels similar to native apps. They have a responsive design, attractive icons on the home screen, faster performance, and work offline. These apps are developed with a combination of web technologies and native APIs. Some programming languages used to develop these apps are Objective-C, Swift, HTML5, etc. 

2) Choosing the Right Platform

Developing a customized education app is a good option, but choosing the right platform is important for you. You can either develop a native or hybrid app based on your requirements. Developing a native app becomes a bit expensive when compared with hybrid apps. 

On the other hand, you can choose Android or iOS or develop a web app that can run on your web browsers. 

The app’s development cost based on these platforms will range from $50,000-$75,000. The price may increase based on the app’s complexity.  

3) Choosing a Good Resource

After choosing the application type and the platform, selecting the best resource to develop the app per your requirements becomes essential. Hiring an experienced developer will cost you more than $50,000. If you are interested in hiring a developer on an hourly basis from a different location, it will cost you between $100-$150/hour. 

4) Choosing The Right Tech Stack

Before developing an app for your business, choosing the right tech stack for your school management app development is your responsibility. You can approach the school management app development company to discuss the technologies used for development. Selecting different technologies will initially cost you more than $75,000. The price may increase based on the technologies you are choosing. 


A custom school management app can do wonders for your business differently. You can look at the education app development guide to know in-depth about e-learning management apps. This sector can give you huge profits in the upcoming years. 

Hopefully, this post has helped you know the estimated app development cost. However, the entire development process is estimated to be between $75,000-$2,00,000. The price may vary depending on your app’s complexity. 

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