How to change color of mechanical keyboard?

It could be time to change the keyboard colors on your mechanical keyboard if you’re becoming weary of them. It can be challenging to determine which keys to press, though.

You can alter the keyboards’ colors without the aid of any software by following the instructions in this page. We’ll also walk you through some of the most common backlighting modes, as well as how to adjust the keyboard’s brightness and make it a single color.

So without further ado, let me give you the short response to your question:

How to Customize Your mechanical Keyboard’s Color

Press the FN key and one of the function keys simultaneously to change the color of a gaming keyboard (F1-F12). Some keyboards use the FN key along with the number keys or the INS and DEL keys to modify the keyboard’s color settings.

Changing the Keyboard’s Color Without Software

There may be an unique color-changing button on some keyboards. On those keyboards, simply maintain pressure on the button until you are happy with the keyboard backlight. However, it could be more challenging if there are no clear buttons.

Press the relevant key combination to change the keyboard’s color without using any software. The model and brand of the keyboard will determine which keys to use.

As previously mentioned, it typically involves pressing both the FN key and one of the function keys (F1–F12) simultaneously. Brand-specific variations can range from the FN key to the number keys, INS, and DEL keys, as well as other keys. To find out what keys to press, consult the keyboard’s manual.

If your keyboard is software-compatible, the following could be a great approach to change the mechanical keyboard color:

Using Software to Change the Color of the Keyboard

On many cheap gaming keyboards, using one of the aforementioned keyboard shortcuts is the sole option to change the background color. You may have specific software that enables you to change colors directly through software if you own a mid-range to high-end gaming keyboard.

You most certainly have some software to alter the color of your mechanical keyboard if it is from a well-known manufacturer like Alienware, Logitech, HP, or MSI. Depending on your keyboard, you’ll need to utilize a different program. As an illustration

  • Engine steelseries (steelseries keyboards) (steelseries keyboards)
  • Alienware Command Center (Alienware)
  • MSI Dragon Center (MSI keyboards)
  • Omen Management Center (HP Keyboards)
  • (Logitech) icue (Logitech)
  • Ducky (duckymechanical series) (Ducky)

The user interface of most applications is similar. On the dedicated program, changing the brightness is generally quite easy:

  • Go to the mechanical keyboard program’s “Lightning” section.
  • Select “Keyboard” if both the mouse and the keyboard are shown.
  • You should now notice a button that gives you the option to modify the animations and colors.
  • Your preferred settings for the LED can be changed, then the changes are saved.
  • Now, you ought to be able to change the keyboard’s backlighting’s color.

How to Alter the Keyboard’s Illumination

Depending on the brand of gaming keyboard, a different keyboard combination is required to change the brightness of the keyboard. Most often, the FN key and one of the F!-F12 keys, FN and an arrow key, or FN and the plus and minus keys make up the key combination. Press FN + F5 and FN + F6 on an Alienware keyboard, for instance, to adjust brightness. It’s FN and “-” on MSI keyboards, but FN + F7 on Logitech keyboards.

It is also typical to have the option of adjusting the illumination software’s brightness.

How can you create a single color using your mechanical  keyboard?

A single-color mode is present on almost all mechanical keyboards with backlighting. How to change between the various color modes has already been covered. The FN key is typically used in conjunction with one of the F1-F12 keys, the INS and DEL keys, or the arrow keys. Use the keys on your keyboard to toggle between the various color modes until just one color is visible.

Open the dedicated color-changing software that came with your gaming keyboard and select the lighting option. After that, you should be able to switch the mechanical keyboard lights to “Solid” or “Static” mode. It ought to now be a single color when you choose that option from the dropdown list.

Backlighting Techniques

Let’s look at some of the most common light settings now that you know how to adjust the keyboard brightness on backlit keyboards. As previously mentioned, moving between these modes is typically done by pressing the FN key and the function or arrow keys at the same time.

The exact key on a keyboard can vary depending on the brand. Frequently, the mode can also be changed using the included software. Check out a few of the most popular backlighting settings:

Solid Color Mode

A solid color is a color that is all by itself. Some keyboards only offer a small selection of colors, whereas full mechanical keyboards can offer up to 16.4 million! If you like a gorgeous solid backlight color without any elaborate lighting effects, use the solid color preset.

The complete rainbow

You should absolutely check it out if you want your keyboard to show a rainbow of colors. Gaming keyboards that are set to rain mode show a rainbow-like pattern of colors. The phrase “solid rainbow” refers to a spectrum of colors that won’t change over time.

The Rainbow Breath

Similar to the solid rainbow, the breathing rainbow has a variety of colors, but they change with time. One of my favorite modes for showing off all the amazing color options on my keyboard is this one.

Phase of Color Mode

With the Color Phase setting, the keyboard progressively switches between several hues. All keys will be the same color in rainbow mode, as opposed to rainbow mode when all keys are different colors.


Another setting that gamers and keyboardists like is the reactive backlighting setting. When the keyboard is configured to this mode, it is by default off and only illuminates when a key is touched.

Game Mode for Tetris

Some more expensive gaming keyboards provide extra lighting effects. For instance, keyboards with the Tetris effect will show blocks of lightning resembling the popular game Tetris.


You should have learned how to customize the color of your gaming keyboard from this article. Choosing the right keyboard color can vary depending on the maker and model, but if you go to the advice in this article, you should have no trouble changing the colors to fit your setup!

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