How To Clean Your Bathroom Efficiently in 10 Easy Steps

Work and some patience are needed to make your bathroom and bathroom sprinkle. While it is not something we all expect, it is a task that we cannot flee. But if you follow a process, working in one area at the same time, you will ensure that you are doing efficient work.

Follow these 10 steps on how to clean your bathroom effectively and efficiently:

Step 1 – Clear the bathroom

For more efficient cleaning, remove all bathroom items. It is better to eliminate everything at once instead of as progress. Place all your small items in a storage box outside the bathroom and mix all the used bedding (including carpets) in the washing machine.

Step 2 – Dust and sweep

Remove your dust plum from all surfaces. Use a long handling to reach corners, lamps and vents. Once each surface is sprinkled, sweep (or vacuum) the bathroom floor to remove dust, debris and hair.

Step 3 – Apply cleaner

Apply a cleaner on your bathroom surfaces. If you regularly clean, you can use a multiple user, but an acid -based cleanser is recommended if you need to eliminate the accumulation of your mosaics. Let it soak.

Step 4 – Clean

Apply the cleaner to your fabric or sponge and start cleaning other surfaces such as showering track, shelves, towels, sockets, windows, blinds and doors. To be more efficient, work in sections from the top of the room, going from left to right.

Step 5 – Prepare to clean the floor

Follow the instructions in your cleaner and mix the recommended amount with a cube full of warm water.

Step 6 – Rub

Rub the accumulation of accumulation and release dirt away from surfaces. At this point, the cleaner has done most of the work for you, so the work will be easier. Be sure to go through all surfaces before rinsing.

Step 7 – The shower area ends

Place all the items that removed from the shower and/or the bathroom area, cleaning them with a clean cloth as it advances. Sprinkle the glass cleaner to the door of your shower if you have one and clean before closing it.

Step 8 – Work the dressing room area

Sprinkle the multiple use cleaner on your countertop, tap and sinking, then clean with a clean cloth. Use a rough sponge to loosen accumulation in your sink or soap that is cleaned. Use a glass cleaner for your mirror.

Step 9 – Rub the toilet


Use the multiple use cleaner if you rub the interior of your toilet regularly. If there is some accumulation, use a toilet cleaner and a scrub with a toilet brush. Sprinkle the outside with a multiple user and then clean with a cloth.

Step 10 – Mop the floor

Dip your mop in your prepared cleaning solution, expire the excess and then begin to work on the bathroom. Let dry. Once dry, place the matters or newly washed carpets and replace the garbage dump.

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