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How to Effectively Load a Dumpster

You may believe that renting a roll-away dumpster is as simple as throwing your items inside and calling it a day. Unfortunately, treating your dumpster in this manner will prevent you from making the best use of it. Here’s how you should go about loading your dumpster.

Step 1: Disassemble Large Items

When you’re ready to throw something away, break it down into its simplest form. Anything that can be broken down should be because it allows for more items to fit. Even common construction materials, such as foam core or drywall, should be cut into smaller pieces. Similarly, flatten all boxes to avoid filling up your dumpster with empty space inside boxes.

Step 2: Select the Appropriate Location

If possible, place your dumpster in an open area away from other belongings on your driveway. If this is not possible, cover the area where you intend to place the dumpster with plywood.

Step 3: Examine Lists

Before you begin loading your dumpster from Dumpster Rental Florida, go over a list of what is and isn’t permitted. Throw out only items that are legal in your state.

Step 4: Load from the back to the front

Begin loading your dumpster from the back or closed end and work your way forward to the front or gate end. This will keep garbage from encroaching on you.

Step 5: Include Larger Items First

If an item is large and bulky, place it in the dumpster first. Smaller items can fit around larger items, giving you more storage space. Make a complete layer of your bulky items at the dumpster’s bottom.

Step 6: Slow down and fill in the blanks

Filling the dumpster should be done slowly enough that you can see where you are putting things. Fill in the gaps with smaller items. Remember that the more you use the space, the more you can fit in your dumpster rental.

Step 7: Pay Close Attention to Weight

If you have particularly heavy or light items, make sure to include them so that the weight is distributed evenly in the dumpster. If you skip this step, the items in the dumpster may shift during transit. This can cause serious problems for the driver and others on the road. Even weight distribution necessitates some planning before you begin, but it is an important safety precaution to take.

Step 8: Maintain a Low Load

Finally, make certain that you do not overfill the dumpster. You want the items to be lower than the dumpster’s side wall. If the trash piles up too high, the driver will be protected from having loose items fall out over the side. Keep the load 12 inches or lower below the highest point of the side wall if you have heavy items. This will protect you from exceeding the weight limit. If you are prepared to hire a dumpster, Dumpster rental company in Port St Lucie can help.

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