How to Perfect the Brawler Style for Kiryu Kazuma

Chapter 1 of Yakuza 0 for PlayStation 4 (PS4) takes place at night somewhere in an alley in Pink Street North, Kamurocho, Japan. You are playing as Kiryu Kazuma in a hurry with his stepbrother Nishiki approached by a foreign man named Bacchus.

Bacchus continued to lecture Kiryu on how important it is to invest in his fighting skills, Brawler style. Kiryu radiates a blue aura over his shoulders, demonstrating a firm and calm appearance when confronted with enemies.

It is rated as closest to Kiryu’s true fighting style in all of Yakuza 0. Also, the term Brawler refers to the ability to respond specially to enemies and boss battles. You can use the square, triangular or round buttons to absorb these punches when a momentary flashing red is triggered for retaliation against your foe. Another amazing but effective way to fight in Kamurocho streets to save button mashing.

Who is Bacchus?

Bacchus, a former boxing trainer, loves to roam Kamurocho and is in debt. He saw the potential of being Kiryu Kazuma’s “monster” in Yakuza 0 terms and became one of the best fighters after witnessing him defeat a pair of drunkards. So, at the end of the main story, he offers to train in Tenkaichi Alley.

5 Special Education Classes

You will face daily underworld tasks as you meet thugs, yakuzas and men in blacks to loot cash to level up your brawler style abilities. After upgrading his abilities, Bacchus teaches 5 special moves throughout Yakuza 0, keeping in mind that he must be in level 3 hit mode.

extra resolution counter

In the first lesson, you learn the basics of fighting by charging the Resolve Counter and charging the Charge Counter to knock down enemies while holding the attack button.

Essence of Face Twisting

In the second lesson, you learn the essence of using a face twist to press triangles to break down defenses. While blocking the attack, you twist the face of the enemy.


Essence of Disarming

Timing is absolutely critical in this lesson to do it correctly against blade-wielding enemies. Anticipate the enemy’s charge with your sword. Then quickly press the triangle button to perform this epic move.

Essence of Wall Smashing

For this lesson, you should be leaning your back against a wall. Then press the triangle to perform this finishing motion. Kiryu binds the enemy’s feet and smashes them with his elbows, creating an unforgettable and painful experience.

Essence of finishing blow

Last and best hit action training. Start by performing a combo of pressing square, square, square, triangle to take down the enemy. Then, quickly tap the triangle to perform the finishing action after that combo. Kiryu will throw a flying punch at the enemy to finish this combo. Timing is absolutely critical after the combo and between the start of the finishing move.

After completing all five training courses. Bacchus will give you the final assignment. Five assassins appear and it’s time to run all five training classes. But will it be enough for Kiryu Kazuma to survive in Kamurocho? Later, Bacchus will introduce his trainer. Rush-style Kamoji and Beast-style Miss Tatsu. Watch Kiryu’s brawler style in action in Yakuza 0 practice!

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