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Every small business owner or internet marketer seems to ask is, “How do you use social media without going crazy?” Seriously, there are so many to choose from and so little time to actively participate in all of them. The solution is to use a free auto-posting service called This handy site allows you to post status updates, shorter blogs, and longer blogs to dozens of the leading social networking sites. This post will cover the main benefits of syndicating longer blog posts using

URL Shortening. You can now automatically generate a URL instead of a long website . This benefit eliminates the need to visit an additional URL shortening   seo krefeld  site like or budurl. A trick that many marketers use is to include a link to the main blog in the first few sentences. This increases the likelihood that that link will be viewed and clicked if it appears in an RSS feed blog summary.

Increasing listing of blog titles. Instead of just relying on your primary blog for ranking, adds at least twenty other possible entries for your blog title. This is important because no one knows for sure which website is ranked highest by Google. This can be one, two or even five of your blog posts. I would rather subscribe to all sites than play a guessing game to optimize every single site. Functionally, the submission pages act as feeders to direct visitors to my primary blog.

Improve Blog SEO. This requires an extra specialization minute, but it’s worth it. Create anchor text using some basic HTML coding as shown in my blog post’s YouTube video. Pick a 1-3 word phrase that includes the most relevant keywords to your topic and what you want to optimize for future Google searches. For example, my linked anchor text was “DubLi blog,” so readers are most likely to find my blog by searching “DubLi blog.” This effect is underlined by the fact that the pages of not only have high Google Pageranks, but most of them are “dofollow”. This last point is crucial because Google only considers dofollow backlinks in its ranking calculations.

To save time. I referenced this benefit above when describing its more specific benefits. It is undeniable that can increase social network productivity in no time. Marketers and business owners treat time as money. And until now, too many critics are leaving  seo krefeld  social networks and social media because of their time consumption or intangible returns. However, solves many of these disadvantages, leaving more time for other marketing activities. Ironically, the most time-consuming part of the whole service is setting up accounts with all social sites first. Each additional contribution lasts a maximum of three minutes !

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