How to walk the dog on rainy days, without dying trying!

Having a pet is wonderful. But what happens when it’s raining and you have to take him out for a walk? Walking the dog on rainy days can be a somewhat tedious experience, both for you… and for him! It is quite common for dogs to like to get wet as little as we do. But it’s what he plays! Your dog still needs to pee, he has to go outside even if it’s raining. We give you all the advice we know so that walking your dog on rainy days is as bearable and easy as possible. In fact, you’ll even have a great time together! Trust us, going out when it rains can be fun… We’ll tell you how to do it.

Tricks to walk the dog on rainy days

The time for the walk is approaching and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to stop raining… what are you going to do, leave your dog without going out? NO! Your dog pees! And other things… Besides, stretching his legs and running around for a while wouldn’t hurt at all, after so much time curled up.

Remember the number of times you should take your dog for a walk .

To make it as easy as possible, you can do all of these when walking your dog on rainy days: 

The walk starts at home

As is logical, when walking the dog on rainy days it will not move as much as when the weather is good, especially if it rains a lot. Generally, walks in the rain are shorter and less active. So that this does not result in a nervous dog due to lack of exercise, it is best to start burning energy before going out.

If you play with him for a while, making him chase a ball or any other toy, you will be compensating that today he moves a little less on the street, you can also try intelligence games for dogs . So when you return you will be as calm and exercised as any other day.

Prepare your dog to go out!

Why don’t you think about going out on the street without an umbrella or a hood on a rainy day? Well, your dog shouldn’t go unprotected either! The raincoat is essential, even better if it has a hood ; If you wish, you can complete the outfit with boots, she hates getting her feet wet! But he remembers:  clothing should not hinder his movement or make him feel uncomfortable. If, for example, he doesn’t tolerate boots, don’t force him to wear them, you can dry his paws later. Do you want to know how to choose the best clothes for your pet?

Dogs don’t like getting wet at all, but also, if you protect it from water, you’ll thank yourself later! If he comes home soaked, your dog will smell bad , get everything wet and uncomfortable, while it will be more difficult for you to dry him.

Manage the time of the walk

It is to be expected that when walking the dog on rainy days the outing will be shorter. Therefore, make sure you take advantage of the time to exercise and come home tired. Also, remember! even if it rains, you must give him enough time and movement to relieve himself. Don’t come home if your dog hasn’t peed and pooped!

arrival home

Even if you put all the means to protect your dog from water, we are sure that something will get wet! And if you come home and leave it wet, it will be very uncomfortable and it will wet everything at home. Also, much more important, you could catch a cold !

When walking the dog on rainy days, be sure to dry it well when you return home . Start by drying its moisture with a towel, and if it’s too wet, you can use a blow dryer. Just be careful that the air doesn’t get too hot.

The ideal is to dry your entire body well, but pay special attention to your belly (walking gets splashed), head and feet, pads included. If it’s very cold, let your dog rest on his bed near a radiator.

And that’s it! Actually, walking the dog on rainy days is not that difficult, it just takes a little will! We are sure that if you follow these tips, you and your dog will be able to enjoy a comforting walk… even if it is pouring rain!

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