Importance of Study Sample in Research Paper – 7 Important Points

Writing a research paper is not an easy task. It is the most challenging task that you have to face during your academic life. The reason is that it involves choosing a representative study sample of the entire population. Failure to choose a representative study sample in research paper means your research is failed. As you have not selected the right participants for your study, how can your results be authentic and true representatives of the whole population? So, a study sample in research paper is of utmost importance.

However, it has been seen that many students just ignore its importance and do things on their own accord. Due to this, more and more research paper failures are being reported daily. So, there is a need to highlight the importance of the study sample once again. Therefore, in this post, I will describe the 7 points that tell why choosing the right study samples is important. So, let’s get started with today’s question.

What does it mean by a study sample in research paper?

Research studies are mostly conducted on research samples. The reason is that, as a researcher, you cannot analyse and study the whole population of society. So, what actually is a study sample? A study sample is a group of participants who are going to take part in the research process on behalf of the entire population. The study sample is selected carefully by the researcher by keeping in view the research questions, research aims and objectives, and purpose of the research paper. The study samples in the research paper allow the researchers to clearly understand the population without studying it as a whole.

Importance of study samples in a research paper

Why are study samples important in a research paper? Does this question cross your mind often? If yes, then you should leave worrying about this because I am going to discuss the top 7 points that make the study sample in research paper important. Hence, a brief description of all 7 points is as follows:

1. Generates data for the research paper

A research paper explores a certain problem and then proposes a solution to that problem which is applicable and effective. Do you know how the paper reaches its conclusion? Yes, it is the data that study samples generate that enables the researcher to conclude the topic. Hence, the first importance of study samples is that they generate data for the research paper. Without having them in your research, you cannot propose a solution to the defined problem.

2. Helps in making inferences about the population

Studying the whole population of your target community is a hectic job. Selecting some study samples from that community that represents the characteristics of the whole population is an easy thing to do. Therefore, it is important that you should go with such sampling. In addition to this, the study samples are important because they help in making inferences about the population. As they represent the whole population, the research results produced by them are the research results of the whole population.

3. Study samples are easy to collect

Another point that makes the study sample in research paper important is that it is easy to collect. All you need to do is exercise some sampling methods, like randomisation, and your search is done. Moreover, the study samples are easier to manage as you cannot collect data from the whole population and then scrutinise that data to draw conclusions. Therefore, it is always advisable to select study samples. However, if you cannot collect representative study samples, get a PhD dissertation help.

4. Research is completed timely

From the discussion above, it is clear that the study sample in research paper is manageable. This makes the study samples more important because, being manageable, the research paper can be completed on time. You do not have to deal with each member of the community, which makes the research process very long. When employing the sampling technique, you only need to select some samples and record their answers. Thus, it makes it possible that research to be completed in a timely manner.

5. Gives accurate results

The next point in the importance of study samples is that they give accurate research results. As handling a small number of samples is easy, it makes the researcher able to have a strong grip on the research environment. The effect of extraneous variables gets minimised on the research results due to the controlled environment. Thus, having study samples instead of the entire population yields more accurate results.

6. Less expensive or cheap data collection

As it is described earlier, the study samples help in the collection of data. In addition to the data collection, they also help in collecting data using cheap means. Imagine collecting data on the entire population and the expenses of the collection. They are humungous. So, being the representative of the whole population, the study samples allow you for cheaper data collection. You can send them online surveys, and they fill them out for you.

7.Very beneficial in restricted cases

Sometimes restrictions make it impossible to get hold of the entire population and study it. These can be religious or community restrictions that do not allow the participants to participate in research. In such a scenario, the study sample in research paper becomes very important and plays a beneficial role. You can select them and have an idea of the whole population.


All in all, the study samples are the participants in a research paper. Such samples are important as they represent the whole community, and their characteristics reflect the whole community’s characteristics. So, the study sample in research paper holds much more importance than you might think. If you still doubt it, read the 7 points explained above. Reading and understanding them properly will surely help you do proper research and write a quality-wise good research paper.

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