Instant Hotel Season 3: Is the Show Officially Confirmed by Seven Network?

Fans are desperate for the release of Instant Hotel Season 3 because of two most popular seasons of Instant Hotel (1 and 2), already released on Seven Network. People are waiting for a more thrill, coming into Instant Hotel Season 3. Formally, The Seven Network renews the season 3. However, the exact date to release Instant Hotel 3 is not confirmed yet. There are rumors about cancellation of Instant Hotel Season 3 Show. But, it does not sound fact.

Series Name: Instant Hotel Season 3 (Reality Sow)

Release Date: Not revealed yet (To be announced)

Instant Hotel Season 1 and 2:

Instant Hotel is an Australian reality based show. Its unique concept grabbed both the spectators and Journalists. Instant Hotel Season 1 appeared on screen on November 7, 2017, on Seven Network. The First Season has been known as most successful show of that time. It has been decided to renew for a second season. Instant Hotel Season 2 was about to air on screen on September 13, 2018. However, second season released on Tuesday, February 11, 2019. , Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen was an additional judge with Luke Jacobz (From Instant Hotel Season 1).

Format of Show:

The show’s main focus was on house owners who turned over their residents into hotels and judged by a Jury and obtained scores relatively. A score out of 10 was given to group’s house by each judge depending on the property, the neighborhood, value for money and even the quality of sleep at night.  A Grand prize was awarded to winning team. That’s why, viewers are so anxious about the release of one of the mega hit reality show, Instant Hotel Season 3.

In the First Season, there were 2 groups of ten teams who took participate. In the Finale, Terry and Anita gained victory by defeating the mother-daughter pair who hailed from Bondi Beach. On the other corner, only four teams qualified for the second season. Again, there was division of 2 groups and a cash award of $100,000 for the winning team. In Instant Hotel Season 2, hotel owners also gave their guests a score out of 10. In the Finale, Justin and Debbie took over the winning trophy.

What’s new is coming up in Instant Hotel Season 3?

Currently, trailer for Instant Hotel 3 has not been released. In the third Season, fans will be entertained with mixture of familiar and fresh faces. But still, there is no update regarding it. People are so anxious towards, what’s new is coming up in Instant Hotel Season 3 with the traditional plot of season 1 and 2? But, there is no confirm date of release. People got more attraction towards battle and negativity, judged by show host Luke Jacobz.  The series takes the spectators on a day trip throughout the country. This show aims to display the wide range of vacations for the humans and their expectations for an instantaneous hotel.  It’s all about the Instant Hotel Season 3.

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