Kerala Houseboat Cruise: Amazingly Wonderful Experience

Kerala is blessed with vast backlaw areas and the State has used it to maintain its prestige and economy on world level. Thanks to the tourist policy of the State and the active participation of private and semi -private commercial companies, the floating houses of Kerala have become the pride of the Sate among travelers and tourists around the world. It is an incredibly wonderful experience to navigate in a floating house to explore Kerala’s quiet backwaters. Speaking specifically about floating houses, there are a lot of them that serve specific purposes. Therefore, families, friends, co -workers, couples, newly married, etc., can find an adequate floating house to celebrate their chances. Each floating house is built in a perfect style and is highly equipped to meet even the smallest requirements of its guests.

Specialties of a floating house

The floating houses of Kerala are the modern forms of ‘kettuvallams’ used in ancient times to move the load through the region. In the old days, they were mainly used for transport between peoples in the region. Over the years, these ‘kettutuvillams suffered many changes in aspect and style, but the basic construction principles remain the same. Only natural materials are used to build floating houses in Kerala. The coconut made of coconut fiber is used to hold planks in a floating house and a single nail is not even used in construction. All ships are well furnished, ordered and very lush to provide an incredible experience to travelers.


Kerala is adorned with the natural beauty and the resumes of the State play an important role in configuration of the beauty of the State. A Kerala floating house tour offers tourists to explore the natural beauty of the State from its natural environment. Water lilies, floating and sliding swans, coconut plantations, temples, Chinese fishing networks, occupied people life, etc., excites you on a floating house trip. Each floating house in Kerala maintains world -class standards, therefore, it includes well -furnished bedrooms that adapt to their mood, interior games facilities, home food and more. Floating houses with individual bedrooms are intended for couples and honey lemons and those with two or more bedrooms are specially designed to accommodate tour families, friends, corporate companies, etc. You can select floating homemade according to your preferences and requirements. If it is a team, select the floating house that can accommodate all its members. The ship crew is always at your service to make your trip memorable.



Kerala has a rich backstream and Allepey Backwaters is the most famous among them. Thousands of tourists go into mass to Alleppey to have a memorable route at the floating house every month. You can also book your online trip or call service to make sure you have a floating house trip while visiting Kerala. You can choose your floating house according to your budget and preferences. You can also cancel your trip even at the last moment and the money paid will be reimbursed according to the service provider reimbursement. Plan your vacation route in advance and visit Alleppey to enjoy a floating house trip.

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