LED screens will be used to increase Hectare’s visibility

The Hectare company, a fast-expanding real estate firm, has outfitted itself with numerous massive SMD screens. We supplied our partner Global POS with the appropriate SMD material for this project.

The project’s context

Hectare is a firm that focuses on sustainable urban development. The firm has been working on major projects since its inception in 1985. In the south of France, they value both urbanization and the environment. Hectare is continually evolving, with seven agencies dispersed around the Pays d’Oc, 80 employees, and a turnover of €46 million.

In this situation, the promoter sought to outfit two of its branches with SMD Screens

We installed LED solutions for our partner Global POS, who was in charge of the project. Global POS has been creating and publishing software solutions for point of sale for over 15 years. The publisher stands out in more than ten countries for its diversity in the ticketing and prepaid titles areas. In particular, point-of-sale digitalization.

Vend argues more explicitly about the Hectare agency in Montpellier. Narbonne was chosen for the new building to house an LED screen. To increase visibility, a dynamic display must be selected. Hectare’s notoriety stems primarily from the frequent passage.

A two-LED installation

We travelled south of France at the end of November to install the two high-brightness outdoor screens. In terms of size, the screen on the Vendargues agency building is 8 metres by 1 metre, while the Narbonne screen is 4 metres wide and 1 metre high. The pitch of both screens is the same, 3.9 millimetres.

The actual problem of this project was raising these atypically sized displays many metres above the ground. To meet the requirement for road visibility and reach pedestrians and motorists, the LED solution had to be at the appropriate height, namely on the upper section of the buildings. Furthermore, we had a limited amount of time.

Preparation and rigour were thus the project’s watchwords throughout. We have applied our know-how and expertise in dynamic LED displays to the most appropriate solution: made-to-measure.

We designed and built the metal installation frames that would hold the LED tiles. The requirement to adjust the screens on a facade and in height explains the choice of modular metal construction and aluminium. This type of device substantially simplifies installation for professionals and ensures the structure’s long-term dependability.

As a result, during the last week of November, the made-to-measure screens were installed in the field at Verdangues and Narbonne.

The secret to success

All of our abilities were quickly put into action. Our design office’s tailor-made design enabled us to integrate the dynamic SMD screen display solutions into the Hectare agencies’ buildings in the best feasible way. From production to installation, we were able to respond to the customer’s request quickly and professionally, resulting in a dependable and optimal result.

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