Live Your Life To Please God

Open your Bible to 4: 1 … Finally, the brothers, as you received from us, how you received from us, how you Just as we have won whether we should walk and please God, what you do, you do more and more. Go ahead and emphasize the Bible.

Do you trust God to teach you in the way you should go? You need wisdom to live for his love and dedication to his righteousness. As you know, you have to learn the habit of listening to God. He may give you a direction you have never had before. like what? God wants you under the influence of his words. God wants you to live in his words in his words.

God wants you to give Jesus the first place! This is essential for your Christian walk! Jesus is a connection with the throne of God. In this world, it is very easy to be distracted by God. Many people follow other paths other than God’s will. However, the basics of all spiritual truths are obedient to God through the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Bible tells you to praise the Lord! He really deserves worship. Nobody is even yourself -more than you love God. Every morning, you should ask God to satisfy God. You want to be filled with the spirit, as you are led by him. You love words, study words, learn words. why? Living your life to please God. His words are true wisdom for you to take his instructions.

If you want to live your life to please God, give his words a top priority place! The Bible will come back inside you. You know God for yourself and know the importance of being led by the spirit of God. Many people do not like new you, but you are not living to please people, you live to please God.

You don’t need people’s approval when you have the approval of God! You want God’s praise rather than the praise of people. Worry about what everyone is thinking, and stop doing what God is in your heart.

God gives a new testimony in your mouth! You may think that you have a lot of mistakes, but you have a lot of right. God is constantly shaped and is formed into the person you want. Stop focusing on what you can’t do and begin to concentrate on what God can do.

Serve God, worship him, and keep asking his will. How? You have to establish a passionate relationship with God’s words. I believe in his words, trust his words, study his words, and thank him. But the devil always remembers doing as much as possible to invite you from God. The devil does not want you to grow with the knowledge of King Jesus.

Many people don’t read the Bible seriously! But you need to be a student in God’s words and God’s way. Become a Christian to read the Bible and pray. The Holy Spirit does not adapt to you, you have to adapt to him! Use your voice to worship him and lift Jesus’ name! Now, raising your hand and says, “I live to please God, more!”


God has a larger plan for you! God wants to affect your life! God wants you to be opened by his spirit working in your life. Please tell me how to take a respectful LY merit because you belong to Jesus! Please tell me how to walk in heaven victory when life is difficult! Please subscribe to my free newsletter “Wakeup Sunday morning” I will teach you how to make a profit for the believers!

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