Norani- Five ways to teach your child self- feeding habits

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We all love to spend time and play with children. After all, they are adorable little munchkins, who can quickly lighten up your mood. A smiling baby is of the happiest sight that one can behold. They love to play, laugh at the silliest tricks, and just make everyone around them reconnect to their childhood. When a child grows up, their childhood stories, and stories of them as babies are thrown at them from all directions, by all people, with full enthusiasm. Remember how you used to laugh at peekaboo!” and many more such conversations are bound to follow when you meet a grown up version of someone who you’ve seen in nappies. 

While they are super fun to play with, and really adorable, children get irritated super often, and they cry to communicate it. It could be because they’re in pain, or they’re having trouble sleeping or resting, and many such reasons. Swaddling can greatly calm your baby, and help them and you get a good night’s sleep. Norani shopping website offers super comfortable swaddles that your baby can sleep snugly in. While good sleep will ensure that your child cribs less, a hungry child is definitely never a happy child. If taught from the right time, they can develop good self-feeding habits, and cry less, hence making feeding them easier for you.

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Here are five tips to teach your child self-feeding habits:

  1. Make it playful:  No matter where, children love to play. Playing is a child’s natural response to things introduced to them, and it helps them to naturally know more about the thing. The case with food is no different. Usually around the age of 6 months, you can start inculcating self-feeding habits in your child. Let them play with their food. Let them decide how to throw their hands at food, and how to grasp it or throw it. Remember, it is a process that’ll create a mess at first, but they’ll slowly get the hang of it, and start eating on their own. Because they might throw their plate away, it’d be better if only small portions are introduced to them, so as to not waste much food. If this playful little child sounds like your little one, then she will love the cars, rockets and star crib sheets, which are fitted, and are made from organic fabric. They are available on Norani deals bundled with their other products. 
  1. Don’t overfeed: One of the most common things amongst mothers feeding their child is that they want their child to be eating more and more, and be full. While there’s nothing wrong in wanting your child to eat properly, that last bite that is given to them despite them crying, goes a long way. It makes the child hate their relationship with food and feeding. This ultimately leads towards them being picky eaters. Let the child decide what and how much they want to eat, and you’ll be surprised to see that they will eventually start eating more on their own. If you’re worried about your baby swallowing a strand of hair from their head that might have accidentally fallen in their food, do check out the beanie collection on Norani’s official website. Before checking out, see if any Norani coupon codes are available, that can make your purchase cheaper. The beanies grow with your babies’ head, and are adjustable. So why wait, grab one now!
  1. Eat in front of them: Studies have shown that when you eat in front of your babies, they try to imitate you. Usually around the age of 8 months, babies try to perform actions that their caregivers do. Children do this to learn simple things and expressions and this is a part of the innate human traits that they possess. Parents can use this to their advantage, and eat green foods, and superfoods in front of their babies, and show that they enjoy it. Doing so, will want the child to eat the thing that their parents are enjoying so much. Setting an example right, can make you one of those lucky parents, whose baby likes to eat everything. Made out of 95% GOTS organic cotton, and 5% spandex, Norani is also setting an example in producing comfortable crib sheets for your children. Norani discount codes can come in handy while making a purchase from them, so do check accordingly and give your children the comfort that they truly deserve.
  1. Be attentive in the weaning process: The weaning process is an important time in a child’s feeding cycle. The shift from breast milk to solid foods is a crucial one, as a child develops the habit of eating semi-solid and solid foods here for the first time. They might gag sometimes in the initial days. That happens as a result of the child taking the food too far in their mouths. Remember, gagging and choking are two different things, and you need to help your kid if he chokes. Nurture your child with love, as he steps into the weaning process. While giving your baby all the love in the world, ensure that they are sleeping peacefully and calmly, by giving them a swaddle that doesn’t restrict their movement, and is super snug fit. Use Norani promo codes on their website, and buy their patent pending swaddles, that even doctors recommend! 
  1. Experiment with textures and variety: It’s a good time to start adding more textures to your child’s food, when they reach the age of around seven to eight months. Fruits, especially when cut to small sizes for your child’s consumption, become slippery. Your child might struggle to hold them, and this might make them not want to eat it. To solve this, add some grounded cereal or crackers, to make the food grainier and easier to hold. One more added benefit of this would be that your child would get the added benefit from the cereal or whole wheat crackers, and hence increase the nutrition of the food. Variety is as important in food, as it is in your child’ daily comfort apparels. To make the best use of the variety of crib sheets, headbands, beanies and changing pad covers, look out for Norani sale that they might be hoisting on any occasion. 

While there is no fixed formula to making a child eat their food on their own, these tips will certainly come in handy while trying to do so. To make sure that your child rests peacefully after enjoying a good day of eating and playing, make full use of Norani coupons that keep on surfacing every now and then.

Norani offers a wide range of organic crib sheets, matching headbands and beanies, etc. for your kid. It’s a brand co-made by two mothers with lots of love. Be sure of checking out their website, and you’ll definitely make a delightful purchase for your kid.

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