Optum Physician EMR vs iSalus EMR: Review Analysis 2022

Is iSalus EMR or Optum Physician EMR superior? If you’re having trouble deciding which EHR Software package will suit your demands the best, compare the options and find out which solution has the most benefits. This article provides a comparative analysis of Optum Physician EMR vs iSalus healthcare EMR. The aim is to assist customers in deciding which software will benefit users according to their needs.

What is Optum Physician EMR?

Optim physician EMR aids health organizations in handling their clinical and administrative responsibilities. It improves workflows, offers medical information online, promotes better care, and boosts overall revenue. Moreover, the software has the capabilities of booking, prescribing, invoicing, and more. Additionally, the software enables medical personnel to focus more on and communicate with patients while spending less time on time-consuming duties.

Key Features of Optum Physician EMR

Healthcare Delivery

This feature of the application focuses more on treating patients while also maximizing effectiveness and reducing costs. It provides quality primary care, specialty care, and post-acute care to the users.

Pharmacy Care Services

The optum ehr helps doctors prescribe better and ensures that patients get the most affordable, effective medications. Moreover, doctors can also pre-approve and approve drugs in real-time.

Individual and Family Solutions

The application offers various healthcare, pharmaceutical, and spending options to users. Thus, individuals and families can save costs while taking a more active role in their overall health. 

Optum Bank

The program reduces expenses without sacrificing healthcare quality by streamlining and organizing the process of paying for medical services. The feature includes the following:

  • Account of the employees’ health.
  • Alternatives for hassle-free payments to improve healthcare.
  • Providing employees with health account information through courses. This helps them to become better healthcare customers.


With this feature, users can look for opportunities to boost margins and get ready for value-based reimbursement throughout the sales cycle. The tool offers the following:

  • A customer-centered financial experience for patients puts them at the heart of the revenue cycle.
  • Denial control and A/R recovery to boost payment recovery.
  • Integrity and processing of claims for prompt and effective reimbursement.
  • Staff can proactively drive financial performance with the aid of documentation and coding.

Optum Physician EMR Demo

No demo option is available on the official website of the company. A demo helps users to get an insight into the application and its features. It enables them to learn more about the software. Optum Physician EMR’s potential customers can reach out to third-party vendors to get a demo of the program. Moreover, they can call customer support to clear any queries and doubts. 

Optum Physician EMR Pricing

The company does not provide transparent pricing to the users. No pricing quotation is available on the company’s website. The users will have to contact get in touch with the sales team or reach out to third-party vendors to get an insight into the pricing strategies. 

Optum Physician EMR Reviews

The software has a good user satisfaction response with a positive rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Software Advice and 3.7 on G2. Both these sites are reliable software review websites. The top reasons for the favorable rating include:

User-friendliness, client support, and functionality. 

What is iSalus EMR?

iSalus EMR software is the leading provider of services to small and medium-sized medical businesses since 2000. The company markets itself as an economical, flexible EMR solution to manage medical data, practices, revenue, and other things. The software has significant advantages through its specialized mobile application, patient portals, telehealth portals, chronic care services, and much more.

Key Features of iSalus EMR


A strong staff of iSalus billing specialists is available to assist with billing chores from the moment a bill is sent out until it is fully processed. Moreover, the billing features allow full connection with other iSalus products as well. The organization guarantees complete transparency about its billing features.


Thanks to this feature, back-office supervisors and administrators can easily schedule patients for follow-up visits and crucial patient procedures. Moreover, reminders and alerts can be delivered through SMS and email. Also, the information is immediately placed into a patient’s medical chart. Additionally, schedules are also logged.

Practice Management

You can keep track of patients, assign rooms, and manage clinicians with the practice management feature of the software. The software ensures that the clinicians are outfitted with the appropriate clinical tools for the job by allocating patients to rooms in conjunction with the available instruments. 

Patient Portals

The system allows users to access their medical records with the use of a mobile application or online web portal. Additionally, it also provides doctors with a chance to guarantee parity in patient-provider records.

iSalus EMR Demo

The company provides its users the option of a demo of the software. Users can request a free demo by filling in an online form available on the app’s official website. The demo gives them a detailed insight into the features of the software. It allows them to experience how the software will work before making the final buying decision. 

iSalus EMR Pricing

The software does not provide its users with a transparent pricing plan. This is because of the varying user requirements. Hence, there is no fixed pricing for the application. The users can, however, reach out to third-party vendors to get the pricing quotation of the software. They can also get in touch with the sales team of the software to discuss the cost. 

iSalus EMR Reviews

iSalus EMR has a good user satisfaction response with an average positive rating of 72% in favor of the software. Moreover, the software has a rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars on G2 and 3.6 on Capterra. Both are highly reliable software review websites. 


Now that you know about the features, demos, and pricing strategies of both software, it will be relatively easier to make a decision. Both programs are equally good. Both provide similar features in addition to some unique ones. Which software will work best for you depends solely on the requirements of your organization. Thus, you need to analyze your needs, budget, and the size of your organization. Ask for the demos and the free trial of both software. Experience both applications and opt for one wisely.

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