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Video games are no longer considered an idle or useless activity that was once considered a waste of time. When the majority of the world’s population today prefer gaming, it is said to be an activity that can enhance individual decision-making and improve analytical skills. Allowing people to play video games has been shown to positively affect their reasoning, decision-making and processing skills, all of which help improve mental function.


These games were once viewed as a waste of time and not making a productive contribution. Parents saw games as a luxury reserved only for children to use as a tool to motivate and encourage children to study harder. But today’s parents see games from a different perspective. Video games with productive content and platforms are found to be both informative and constructive today. In fact, it is a versatile platform that can help mental development, and is widely used by teachers and parents to help children develop and grow. There are many different genres of video games on the market today.

• Educational.

• adventure.

• movement.

• Dress up (and other games for girls).

• strategy.


This activity not only positively affects children, but also positively affects adults. Video games include quick decision-making and high-level situational analysis to help reinforce these activities. By playing more video games, a person can speed up their decision-making skills by increasing the level of playing the game and improving it. Video games are also known to help improve eye-hand coordination. This includes quick situational analysis and decision making, which allows gamers/persons to make and execute quick decisions, improving hand-to-eye coordination.


Health Benefits:

Gaming activity is also good for mental health and depression. Activity serves as a source of anger and the expression of accumulated emotions. This is mainly due to the fact that video games involve high levels of brain engagement and activity. This high level of brain activity causes a person to focus on the virtual world and reduces behavior by preoccupation with mentally tiring activities. These video games can also be social outlets, giving lonely people a chance to make some connection. Online games are the main source for people to interact with and play with or against gamers from all over the world. This helps improve coordination and teamwork skills, and can be a tremendous help in the real world where these skills are required and appreciated.


Video games are a great source of nourishing your brain and keeping you healthy and engaged. It keeps your brain engaged and polished, making your muscles work harder. They are now used to improve brain function in children as well as adults, proving that they have productive and beneficial abilities. There are certain games with violent and primitive content that most people will find disturbing, but there are still many different options and different genres on the market that can greatly aid brain development. These games played on consoles are now considered not only a source of recreation, but also an activity that can improve an individual’s performance, increase awareness and alertness, thereby increasing ability and efficiency. Thus, it can be said that activity has evolved from a recreational sport into a helpful and productive act.

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