SHINee’s Key launches exciting preview clip for ‘Gasoline’

Key has actually also lost the track list for his upcoming solo album! Keep reading for even more.

Ahead of time of his solo comeback on August 30, SHINee’s Key has actually lost a exciting preview clip for his album, ‘Gasoline’! The new clip starts along with Key worn a type of advanced armour, as he transforms and also strolls out of the electronic camera. The preview video recording goes on show numerous sophisticated prepares and also jaw-droppingly sophisticated make- type seconds and up.

Just before this, Key released the track list for his upcoming album, introducing the titles of all 11 tracks: ‘Gasoline’, ‘Bound’, ‘Villain’, ‘BURN’, ‘Guilty Pleasure’, ‘G.O.A.T (GREATEST OF ALL TIME)’, ‘I Can not Sleep’, ‘Ain’t Gonna Dance’, ‘Another Life’, ‘Delight’, and also ‘Proud’. The track list tackles an imaginative feel, showcasing the titles in numerous typefaces and also come with through doodles. Out of these tracks, track three, ‘Villain’, will definitely also include NCT’s Jeno!

Top approximately the release, Key has actually also released two engrossing state of mind samplers for his upcoming comeback, which adhere to the SHINee member as he tackles an amazing goal. The concept and also feel of the exact very same are actually starkly different coming from the preview teaser for ‘Gasoline’, boosting expectancy and also inquisitiveness about the release.

Key has actually also released a teaser poster, reminiscent of a movie poster pulled in a comic schedule type, along with a timetable poster and also a teaser for ‘Gasoline’. Our experts may more assume teaser photos, album particulars, a lyric video recording, a visualizer and also even more towards fall, just before Key formally produces his comeback along with ‘Gasoline’ on August 30.

Keep tuned for even more updates about Key’s profit along with his second solo album!

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