Significant Benefits Of Mesotherapy Treatment For Hair Regrowth and Hair Fall

What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a medical procedure in which micro-injections of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, plant extract, and growth hormones are injected into the body. These injections will help to rejuvenate skin and hair health. It is also a renowned treatment for removing unwanted fat and skin tightening

The mesotherapy treatment is non-surgical and an alternative to a hair transplant.

However, if you are not getting any benefit from Mesotherapy for hair regrowth, in that case, you should consult for the Hair Transplant in Ludhiana.

Mesotherapy for hair regrowth

In Mesotherapy, the cosmetic surgeon targets the factors that are responsible for healthy hair and scalp. In the procedure, with the use of a derma roller and insulin syringe, microholes are created on the scalp. Through these holes, hair growth nutrients such as anti-hair-loss solution and platelet-rich plasma are insert with injection into the scalp.

Which promotes hair growth and prevents hair fall by increasing the blood circulation in the head. Moreover, the treatment reduces the growth of thin hair and promotes thick, strong, and silky hair. If you want to clarify the Mesotherapy and Hair Transplant Cost in Punjab, you should visit a renowned hair transplant centre to answer all your queries.

Benefits of Mesotherapy treatment

  • It is a non-surgical treatment that does not require any transplant or surgery. Moreover, it is an alternative to hair transplant; if you don’t want to transplant your hair, then you go for Mesotherapy treatment.
  • The treatment helps to increase the blood flow in the scalp area, which aids in the growth of hairs and prevents hair fall. Moreover, it provides nutrients to the scalp, which is beneficial for scalp health and promotes healthy hair.
  • Saves you a lot of time- the Mesotherapy procedure is a quick hair growth treatment, which takes around 10 to 30 minutes and varies according to the area of baldness. Thus it is a faster and less painful procedure in contrast to a hair transplant.
  • Highly Successful treatment- Mesotherapy procedures are highly successful in terms of hair growth. Approximately 9 out of 10 patients successfully regrow their hair after the treatment.
  • Mesotherapy treatment ensures hair growth in the long run because it boosts the blood flow to the scalp area, making your hair follicle grow faster and survive for a long time.
  • Mesotherapy is a safe and effective treatment to prevent hair loss. However, for the best results, the treatment should be taken by expert cosmetic surgeons, which will help to get effective results with fewer complications.

Therefore, Mesotherapy is an effective treatment for the regrowth of hair and hair fall. The treatment shows the best results for hair regrowth in both genders in just 3-4 sessions. If you also want to take the mesotherapy treatment under the supervision of experienced and best cosmetic surgeons, Then Profile forte is your one-stop destination where you get the most advanced and effective treatment for Mesotherapy, Hair transplant, and other cosmetic surgeries.

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