Some Dangers From Pandemic Fatigue

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After that, for nearly two years, no one should be surprised. ! However, this should not justify some of the greater profits and to comply with basic common sense, public health, and protection measures. It seems that this has become another political issue, so many, clearly, their personal/political interests and agendas. Do I need to be infected, hospitalized, put in other people, take risks, or die? Many elderly people are defeating the battle, as immunity has compromised. Why is this country the lowest vaccination rate in the world, despite its efforts and expenditures, among the first layers in developing countries? Everyone is tired of this and hopes to return to normal, but the minority efforts harm our overall efforts and are the possibility of optimizing our efforts! With that in mind, this article will try to review it easily. Why we have to do better.

1) Conspiracy theory: For some reason, some people prefer to believe and accept the unfounded opinions instead of the facts. It began with a denial, transformed into accusations, and created harmful resistance. Does anyone have witnessed or experienced a loss near someone? Everyone has the right to give their own opinion, but they are not the series of facts. If your actions just hurt you, it’s one thing, but it’s quite different when you put others at risk!

2) Politics: Why do this become politics, clearly, common sense and problems? In contrast to denial and stubbornness, there is a big difference between the solution that can be executed and the plan, in contrast to denial and stubbornness!

3) Data and science issues: Mike Bloomberg likes to say, “The god we trust. All others bring data.” According to history, it is supported, supported, supported by science -based plans, plans, approval, public health, medical, scientists, and experts, and creates meaningful facts.

4) Delegation of resistance: I have seen the duty of public health, but in the past, it seems that I have experienced the most biased country in recent memories! Just because you don’t agree doesn’t mean he knows more than an expert!

In both cases, proceed in a more unified way or extend the fear. Before losing this battle in front of the United States, the United States, and many others! It is each of us!


Richard has a business and has been conducting a personal development seminar for 40 years, consulting with COOs, CEOs, development directors, consultants, specialized management events, thousands of leaders.

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