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Despite the lack of paid software, there are free story planning tools that can help you plot out your novel. Plottr is one such example, and it offers templates for the structure of a novel. It is designed for the novice writer, and it works on multiple devices to reduce distractions. This app also offers a free trial version so you can see if it is the right tool for you.


If you’re looking for a free story planning software, Scrivener is a fantastic choice. Its “binder” view lets you break up your manuscript into sections. You can also view your manuscript as an index card, allowing you to track your progress easily and effectively. The program even has word count goals and basic formatting features for publishing. It also includes a variety of templates for novels, short stories, and non-fiction books.

Like Scrivener, Novel Factory is designed for writers. It has robust features and a low learning curve. The software also includes character development tools, plot planners, and helpful templates for popular narrative types. The program encourages you to use the five essential story elements when planning your novel.

Scrivener is available for Windows, Mac, and iOS devices, and it’s a cross-platform writing app. It’s worth the price and the learning curve, but it’s far from free. Scrivener is an excellent choice for writers who need to balance multiple tasks at once. Compared to Scrivener, Ulysses is more modern, with a sleek interface that helps you focus on your writing. It also supports multiple languages, which makes it a versatile tool for a writer on the go.

Like Scrivener, Ulysses is also free, although it has an annual “Professional” plan for $35 per month. It is a brilliant piece of creative writing software. Its simple, uncluttered interface makes organizing your manuscript easy, and it allows you to convert the text into a variety of formats.


Plottr story planning software free lets you visually plan out your story, linking different elements together. It uses colors to coordinate different storylines and automatically generates an outline of your story. Whether you’re writing a short story or a long novel, Plottr is a great tool for you.

The Plottr dashboard is easy to use, with large icons and easy-to-understand buttons. You can create a new project from scratch or select a pre-loaded template. It doesn’t require you to know how to write before using the software, and it has mobile apps. All you need to sign up is your email and first name to start using the free version.

Plottr has many features that make it easy to plan your novel, including a character bible and timeline. It even has templates to move your story ideas from idea to execution. This makes the writing process quick and easy. You can also export your design to Microsoft Word or Scrivener, which are both common word processors. You can do this with just a mouse click.

Plottr is also great for catching ideas. There are pre-created templates designed by experts and bestselling authors. You can preview each one before you begin. Once you’ve created an outline, you can use one of the templates to get your story started. You can also add notes to your outline to capture ideas and organize your story.

Plottr story planning software free features include exporting to a word processor. However, this software does have its limitations. It is mostly a story outline tool, and you can’t write the story entirely within the software. You’ll need to use another word processor to finish writing the actual story. However, some writers won’t mind this, and may prefer to use another word processor for their story.


If you’re planning to write a novel, you might want to use Evernote’s story planning software free. This software helps you map out the entire plot and outline the key parts of your novel. Using the template, you can track your progress and set goals along the way. The template allows you to organize your novel into chapters and sets goals for each part. The template is also useful for planning the characters within your novel.

Evernote comes with many features that are particularly helpful for writers. Some of these features include brainstorming, outlining your chapters, taking random notes, and recording audio. It is a great tool to capture new ideas and organize your thoughts. It can be used on all of your devices, and you can even use it to capture photos and record audio.

Another useful feature of Evernote story planning software free is its downloadable template. It helps you visualize the book’s storyline and create a clear outline of its beginning, middle, and end. The software also provides guides to help you write your story well. Using the Evernote plotting template can help you write a novel with more clarity and confidence.


Dramatica is a story planning software that helps you plan out your story. The software is designed around the world’s first patented Story Engine, a model similar to DNA, which contains the elements of a narrative. It also includes built-in rules based on the narrative itself.

The software has over 30,000 different story structures, which makes it a powerful tool for creating stories. It can help you develop your characters and their motivations in four dimensions. This way, you can pinpoint the main conflict points among them. In addition, you can create multiple arcs for each character in your story, giving the story structure a full timeline.

Dramatica also helps you manage your characters. It can even suggest improvements for them based on the theme of your story. Another great feature is the Master Story Engine, which automatically picks the most suitable structure from a database of over 30,000 different story structures. The algorithm helps you identify the most important story elements. As for productivity features, Dramatica is similar to Microsoft Word.

Another good feature of Dramatica is that it allows you to print different reports. These reports analyze different story elements and help you understand your story before you start writing it. They can also help you improve your existing manuscript. Although the creators of Dramatica were interested in screenwriting, this tool is suitable for any fiction writing.

When you create your story in Dramatica, you will discover what dramatic elements work together in your story and why they make sense to your audience. The software produces up to 100 pages of explanatory reports, which you can use to make revisions in your word processor. You can also download the software’s Pro Help System, which includes a streaming video tutorial.


If you want a story planning software that is easy to use and intuitive, NovelPad is the tool for you. This tool lets you create a story map in a few simple steps, and you can add scenes to it from the editor, using a feature called a scene card. You can rearrange scenes, label them, and even assign chapters. The software also makes it easy to track your progress.

The program features a world-building notebook and manuscript builder that can help you visualize your story and write down ideas. It also has a way to add concept art and notes in the margins. It also has a goal-setting tool, so you can track your progress and set goals. For a free version, you can download the application from the official website.

NovelPad works offline and online, and is completely compatible with most devices. It allows you to organize your novel, write it, and edit it. NovelPad is available in both Mac and PC versions, and you can use it on both. You can even edit your novel from any device. It also has a 14-day free trial.

The interface of NP is user-friendly, with icons that look like books. Clicking on any of these icons opens a document or book in the interface. Afterwards, you can click on the “edit in context” option to write directly into the novel. A tutorial shows you how to use this feature.

You can also download a free version of Bibisco to help you write your novel. It works on Mac, Windows, and Linux. However, if you are a serious writer, you might want to invest in the Supporters edition for 23 euros. It includes more features and options for writing your novel, including character interviews and visualizing the timeline. You can divide the novel into scenes and chapters, and analyze them according to length and time.

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