The Advantages and Types of Boron Carbide Nozzles

If you are not familiar with boron carbide, you are on the correct page. First of all, as long as the hardness level, this material is the third largest material in the world after boron nitride and diamonds. The boron carbide nozzle provides the best work characteristics. Apart from this, they are worth the price tags because they can withstand the trials of time. If you purchase, it will be appropriate for up to 1200 hours. This article describes the benefits of these nozzles. Please check the details.

As far as hardness, boron carbide nozzle is up to 10 times the carbide silicon. In addition, they are 34 times that of Wolfram once, 16 times more difficult than Condon. You will be surprised to know that they are 100 times more difficult than iron and steel.

The good thing about this material is that the aggressive average has extreme hardness. The following is an explanation of the advantages of boron nozzles. Based on these advantages, these nozzles are your best. The next time you need to buy these units, we recommend that you consider the benefits. This is a way to make a decision based on information that will benefit you for years.

Long -lasting: Based on the type of jet material, boron carbonized nozzle offers up to 25 times the work -life. In addition, exploitation costs are low. As a matter of fact, using the most aggressive material can be up to 300 % lower.

In other words, using boron carbide instead of Wolfram Carbide can save up to $ 800. This is a big savings.

Simplified support: Use more simple support to save time because you do not need to make these changes.

Easy manual operation: The good thing about the boron carbide nozzle is to make the operation easier for operators. The reason is that it is 500 % lighter than Wolfram Carbide.

As you read the advantages of this material, let’s talk about various types of these nozzles.

First of all, you will be surprised to know that there are more than 100 types of nozzles made of boron carbide. It can be used in the size shown below. At the exit, the diameter is 4 to 15 mm and the width is 20mm to 220 mm. As far as the varieties are described, the explanation is shown below.


Normal nozzle
High productive venturi type with a wide orifice and normal outlet
Nozzle with hose connection
A nozzle featuring the side designed to be used with the holder
Nozzle with screws
Rooms, outdoors, nozzles for cabin
Nozzle with aluminum or steel cover
Normal nozzles and special nozzles, such as those with fish tails. They have a flat orifice and jet head featuring four -side orifys. They are suitable for internal work on pipes.
A special element for external jet processing of the inner diameter between 5mm and 300mm.
In short, this was a description of several advantages and various types of boron nozzles. Hopefully you will find this article help.

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