The Best Way To Find The Vintage Feel For Your House

How can I give my house a vintage feel?

An antique aesthetic has a certain allure. It enables us to bring ancient customs into the heart of our living rooms and eras from the past into the present. If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s that antique furnishings will always be in vogue. It’s a present that keeps on giving, and you may cash it in later when you’re pressed for cash because some collectibles can increase in value.

Join us today as we give you the whole dirt if you’re sold on vintage and want to incorporate a vintage aesthetic into your house.

A Vintage Revolution is Best Started with an Antique Clock 

Nowadays, most homes have one or more timepieces hanging on a wall. But most of the time, our home’s clocks are just utilitarian and rarely used for anything else. An antique clock is a wonderful way to go back in time and bring old-fashioned style into the opulence of your living room. While doing so, one may enhance the aesthetic worth of a piece of home décor that is now frequently undervalued and ignored.

An antique clock adds a touch of elegance from a bygone era, but it is also desirable for your house in many other ways. Vintage wall clocks are typically:

  • Because most of them don’t need batteries, unlike modern digital clocks, they are more environmentally friendly. 
  • Unique: no two vintage wall clocks are the same. Your visitors will adore this historical artefact because it has a distinctive period look. 
  • Given the number of technicians who work on such items, they are easily reparable.

Up your Vintage Mirror Game 

Having trouble breathing in a crowded home? Mirrors are a must-have for every interior designer who wants to create the appearance of space. However, mirror ornaments have far more uses than just that. An unremarkable environment may be elevated into something more by using vintage designs.

We’ll explicitly recommend the Ikaros Vintage Wall Mirror from Artisans Rose if you’re open to ideas, and here’s why:

  • This mirror has a genuinely classic look thanks to the wood’s finish cracks, knots, and other inherent flaws.
  • It is crafted by hand and has a unique touch.
  • good value for the money. It includes free delivery throughout India.

This antique mirror is ideal for both the study and the bedroom, but it may also serve as the centre of attention in the living room. The eye is immediately drawn to the beautiful, antique frames, and the enormous mirror is a terrific way to create an unabashedly retro statement.

Get Vintage Lighting for Your Living Room

We may have discussed your living room quite a bit, but that’s really because that’s where the action takes place. Most of your guests won’t leave your living room, with the exception of your family and particularly close friends.

If you want your home to have a retro feel, vintage interior lighting fixtures are the next item to think about. You may choose from a wide range of possibilities from Artisans Rose, therefore we’ll use some of their goods as models:

  • Horus antique lamp shade: This rustic upcycled lampshade, which is named after an Egyptian deity, screams collectable and would give any room the vintage pop you’re searching for. This vintage lamp piece, which is little yet strikingly unmissable, is certain to steal the show. 
  • Tannenbaum Lantern 
  • With the handcrafted Tansey lantern, you may go even further back in time while adding a touch of modern flair and Medieval hues to your house. It seems especially lovely when suspended from a pendant lamp that is overhead. This hanging lamp is more than simply a piece of lighting because of its strong rustic and industrial vibe. It gives any space it resides in a warm, antique vibe.

Of course, there are a lot of other possibilities you may consider when choosing antique lighting for your living room, so explore them at the Artisans Rose store.

It’s Always a Good Idea to Use Vintage Wall Decor

There are many things you can play with for contemporary vintage wall decor if you’re not big on a seismic vintage makeover in your house but rather have vintage touches in mind or just like the minimalist approach.

Here are a few classic suggestions:

  • These aged wooden hooks are a beautiful way to store your keys in addition to looking amazing. 
  • Art: Without the accompanying artwork, a house is never completely complete. Not only do vintage art pieces enhance the visual value of your house, but they may also be excellent conversation starters. 
  • Brass door frames and rustic wooden wall panels and frames may also enhance the old feel further.

Get Classic Outdoor Lighting 

Although natural light is ideal, what happens if the sun isn’t out but you still want the vintage music to play? The best choice of rustic wall mounts, pendants, and outdoor chandeliers is provided by antique lighting features.

Professionally installed outdoor lighting creates a cosy atmosphere that may enhance the natural beauty of your home, whether you want to transform your house into a historic building or simply add trendy garden lighting choices for your patio or entrances. Working with an expert, like Artisans Rose, to discuss your lighting strategy and the optimal placement for additional yard elements may also be a good idea. You can add more outside features, such as planters and vases, to spice things up. 

In addition to enhancing aesthetics, an improvement in curb appeal may considerably raise the market value of your home. In fact, homeowners get a better deal on their homes as a result of it 50% of the time. 

Your one-stop vintage shop is Artisans Rose.

Artisans Rose is always a sure option if you’re seeking the greatest vintage provider with handcrafted charm and distinctive patterns. This online furniture and décor store provides something unique for every kind of fashionista, whether you’re a collector looking for your newest crowning treasure or simply a vintage enthusiast who lives on bringing the good old days into your house.

Browse the shop and select vintage finds to transform your house into a nostalgic haven. Buy now.

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