The Core Elements Ruling the Interior Design Architecture

interior fit out dubai

Interior fit outs Dubai have a list of design elements they strictly follow. Below we are highlighting these core features for you to take a look at.


Interior fitouts in Dubai adhere to this primary element when curating their design architecture. In the design landscape, space denotes the distance between various furniture and objects in the room and their proportions within the room. Design experts ensure to balance both the positive and negative space to bring the right balance to any space. Too much space between the furnishings may make the room look more spacious and large. But one drawback of this style is that the space looks more impersonal and under-furnished. But if you do not leave out space between your furniture, it will, in turn, look more crowded and over-furnished. Interior fit out companies in UAE always consult with their customers before they revamp the space to perfection.


Lines created through the architectural patterns and the furnishings can be used effectively to bring attention to focal points in the space. Horizontal lines bring stability and the right use of this feature can make any room look wider and more spacious. Vertical lines, on the other hand, can make the rooms appear taller and bring a sense of freedom to the space. The best interior fit out company employs the right measures to easily integrate these features to create aesthetically pleasing designs.


The form refers to the shape, which includes the shape of the whole room and the shape of the furnishings and the artwork inside the space. The shapes could vary between geometric and natural shapes. Geometrics encompass precise lines and angles, whereas natural shapes include more curvaceous designs. Popular fit out companies in UAE work with all shapes and bring out the perfect balance.


The best fit outs effectively combine natural and artificial light to create a gorgeous space. One of the significant tricks fit out interiors Dubai employ is to use mirrors or window treatments to boost the light input inside the area. The right light fixtures and fittings add the perfect ambiance to any living space.

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