The De Havilland DH106 Comet (02)

The four 5,000 5,000 5,000 motor thrust engine free pounds, which does not contain root installation points, which does not contain any of the cylinders, cylinder heads, piston, rods, valves, valves, valves, valves, valves ,, valves, valves, tappets. Its natural weight loss, greater simplicity and minimum dragon installation will make optimal aerodynamic adjustments.

The latter is high enough to avoid strange and low enough ingestion to facilitate maintenance and inspection, allowing the aircraft to use shorter running struts, with reduced weight structures. Self-reduction of machines also allows to transport more fuel and/or load, at the same time that it incorporates the perfect anti-expressized capabilities and fire prevention.

Due to the original scan of the 40 degree wing, which will need a significantly higher rotation and speed plane and, therefore, longer roads, there is a arrangement for a hydrogen peroxide peroxide assisted by jet (Jato). The 925 -pound plant, named for the “Spritre” yield, measured 84 incronrogen lengths of 20 inches wide, fed with a hydrogen peroxide fuel tank of 39 gallons and obtained 5,000 pounds of additional thrust to the period of a period of a period of 12 seconds or less grades during longer intervals, especially in short and hot field conditions.

Designed by Havilland’s own, Sprite is the first rocket that is classified. This increased the power output of the aircraft by fifty percent if a unit was installed on each side of the final edges of the existing exhaust motor cones.

Hydraulically performed by the kite, tricycle filming train in the production versions, equipped with brakes even hydraulically operated, which consist of a double wheel twin nose gear unit, which has backward and stored back and stored in Fuselage Bay , and two four four of the Basic External Pneumatic Unit for nesting in bulky minors of wing.

Access to the cabin is provided with internal service doors, 4.8 per 2.6 feet, passengers and starboard progress.

The vision of the cabin is achieved through four fragment fragment panels forward and two side panels, the first of which has a triangular shape and the second is in the long term. Only triangular forms are open.

The standard cabin staff is composed of four members, well -off upholstered, such as cube chairs. The main instruments, which are double for both the captain and the first officer, include the instrument’s landing indicator, the air speed indicator, the artificial horizon, the climbing and descent rate indicator, the automatic automatic address (ADF ), The radio navigation indicator, the almonds, the giroscante compass, the turn and bank indicator, the indicator of the variation in the booth pressure, the Mach meter, the indicator of the exterior air temperature and the compass control panel.

The engine instrument panel showed four in each of the following so that they coincide with four electric plants: revolution indicators per minute, jet pipe temperature meters, oil pressure and temperature indicators, rear temperature indicators and Two fuel pumps that separate the switches.

Each of the two front pilots also has a control or yoke column and rudder brake pedals, but only the captain has a nose wheel in the left panel.


A pedestal center, placed between two pilots and expanding from the instrument panel, with four thrust levers or accelerations, the parking brake lever, the flap selector lever, the air brake lever, the automatic pilot control box , the Rodante Train Selector lever, the Timon, the spoiler edge, the flap indicator and the emergency lever, the high pressure fuel cocks and the low pressure fuel cocks.

The second officer, or fighting engineer, the lateral orientation station, located on the starboard side, contains the emergency lever of the filming train; Cabin pressure controls; Water and bell injection controls; The fuel cross feed cock; The safety valve; cooling controls and mass flow; the booth pressure controller.

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