The De Havilland DH106 Comet

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Comet 3

Because The Comet Caused What Coud Be street jet revolution and reduced the world, in therms of travel time, by 40 percent, an overwhelming demand was created, leaving Havilland little more option than offering an em 3.

INTRODUCTION OF A 15.5 Feet Fuselage Stretch On Comet 2, Which Increased ITS Total Length of 96 to 111.5 Feet, Offered First -Class Passenger Capabilities of Four ABECEDURAS AND Five ABECEDURAS OF, respectively, 58 and 78.

Two Wing Pinion Tanks, Installed in the Existing Aerodynamic Perfians, Increased Their Area to 2,121 Square Feet and Loading 68.4 Pounds Per Square Foot, While The New Gallon Fuel Capacity of Imperial Gallons That Provided They Carried The Range of Type at 2,700 thousand thousand of statute. The Power Was Provided by Four Experiences Rolls Royce Ra26 of 10,000 Pounds of Thrust, which facilitated the payload and the gross weights of, Again, respectively, 20,200 and 145,000 Pounds, The Last 40,000 Pounds More Than The Original Capacity of the Comet 1. Cruise Speed, at 29,000 Feet, Eclipsed The 500 Mark for the First Time, Reaching 516 MPH.

G-As Registered, The Comet 3 Prototype Air Came Out for the First Time On July 19, 1954. Boac, Logically The Launch Customer for the Previous Versions, Followed ITS Example with the Long Fuselage, Ordered Five. But the Greatest Achievement of the Plane Was The Request of Three Companies and Seven Pan American Optionists for The Type of The Type On October 20, 1952. Innovative and Global Gironing Could Only Continue to Enter the Age of The Jet With The Last and Faster Team No Capable Longer of Mainting His Image With His Stratococruisers B377, Douglas DC-6s and Lockheed Constelantations, and Lockheed Constelantations and Lockheed Constelanions.


In Addition to the Acceptance of the Comet By Carriers Such As Pan American, It also penetrated the us Market, where Boeing 707 had still been an idea, which demonstrarates the fact that Turbine Aircraft. It wouled allow pan American to offer that the transatlantic range and accusable Passenger capabilities.

The Order of Air India for Two and the Order of the Supply Ministry for One Completed the Initial Commitments for the Final Version, What Superlative Performance was Demonstated During their Trial Flights. Between October 23 and 24, 1957, for Example, I Covered The Distence Between London and Johannesburg in 12 Hours, 59 Minutes at an an an an average spered of 433 mph.

Comet 4

For Passenger Services, Havilland Considering producing modified versions of its existing dh. More Ambitious Comet 3 Offered Greater Power, Rank and Capacity, It Had Been Designed With The Original Type Defects and Would Have Required Too Extensive and Expensive Modification to Take Them to a Safe Standard.

The solution lies in comet 4 proposed and definitive, which Will incorporate the strengthening of the fuselage and the round cuts of comet c mark 2s, but the largest dimension of comet 3.

Submitted to a Demonstration Tour In December 1956 to Collect Data From Rank, Speed, Performance and Operational Costs During the Service of the Simulated Airline, I have londed in Sydney, Australia, after a retention of 23 minute, During Which a crowd to a lot of a lot to a lot Enthusiast, Numbering subd 35,000, it was to water Hose forced to relocate so that touchdown could safely. The elongated version, The First Time It Landed, was flooded by the reception.


Later on His Tour, I Covered The Distence of 3,350 thousand Between Montreal and London in Six Hours, `18 Minutes, Averaging 548 MPH, Achieving the Distinction of Being the First Purest Pure Jet Planet In Crossing the Atlantic Without Stopping and Demonstrating The Potential Type.

Although, as a prototype, It Maintained An internal pressure of four psi to reduces the fuselage skin Loads and the equal atmosphere of 20,000 feet, consequently, The Oxygen of the Crew, However, Managed to Perform 80 Percent of The Tests Required For Comet 4 Certification, Accelering its Development of ITS Program Development. AT This Time, It had not Even Been Built.

His urgency of him was prudent. UNLike Comet 1, Which Did Not Face Competition at The Time of its Conception, The Longest Fuselage Cut 4 Did So Through the Atlantic, Since The Boeing 707 Prototype, 367-80, had already rear the skies on July 15, 1954 and dc- 8 Counterpart of Douglas Was In Advance of Plans.

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