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Islamic holidays and halal friendly holidays are some phrases that we listen to more and more these days in the world of travel. What does it really mean? More than just finding Halal food, it is a vacation mode that attends to a type of lifestyle. Traveling is something that almost all people love to do, since it provides a break from the routine of daily life. Therefore, it is not surprising that the travel industry as a whole works to meet the different needs. We regularly know the different holiday types offered, such as luxury vacations, luxury cruises, ecological vacations, weekend getaways, budget vacations, backpackers and camp holidays. The list is literally endless since new and more innovative vacation ideas are taken to the market.

Global trends and needs change constantly and a new trend is the development of the type of vacation that are known as halal holidays. These vacations have taken into account all aspects of Muslim life styles and every detail is planned; From the destinations, to the accommodation, to the food and other similar requirements so that the holiday assistant can really enjoy a relaxing vacation. Muslim tourists are quickly becoming a large market in travel and attending their vacation requirements is demonstrating to be lucrative, although still relatively in the early stages. That is why more holiday destinations and accommodation suppliers are developing the necessary basis to serve this market.


In simple terms, Islamic holidays take into account the requirements of an Islamic lifestyle by providing certain facilities that help facilitate and ensure that customs is respected. Separate areas are provided for men and women along with separate pools, isolated beach areas for different genres and even separate spa facilities. There are even separate male and feminine assistants to analyze the needs of the guests. This allows Muslim women to enjoy their vacations with the family, since they can also enjoy a pool away from male guests. In addition, guests can be one hundred percent insurance of food they eat and meet their religious requirements. The accommodation suppliers that attend to Halal travel do not serve alcohol, while providing important information, such as prayer and direction schedules and even in some cases of prayer.

Holidays in Halal are becoming increasingly popular among Muslim travelers who discover that they take away the pressure of planning vacations that adapt to their lifestyles. We will surely see a greater growth of this type of vacation in the future.

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