Have you bought a pack of batteries lately? How about a new electronic device? Have you taken a walk down the cosmetics aisle? If you’ve done any of these things, chances are you’ve seen clamshell packaging in action.

Its malleability

Clamshell packaging has become a preferred method of presenting, marketing and selling many products. This is due to its malleability into any shape. For example, consider this battery pack; It’s a bundle of oblong, round objects perfectly stowed in a Klappblister  container that fits the battery’s dimensions exactly. This is done through the technologies behind clamshell packaging, commonly referred to as thermoforming.

To create these wonderful containers, designers take an item, examine its needs – such as: You can then create the perfect mold for those many needs, using the right materials and machinery to create cost-effective, reliable, and strong packaging.

In addition, some clamshell packaging manufacturers offer complete design services, such as: B. Graphics, construction (especially in the case of fragile and fragile items), printing , manufacturing and even assembly. This can eliminate a tremendous amount of production costs for manufacturers of many products and items.

Support customers

With Impact Mfg, clamshell and thermoformed packaging and products are available worldwide. The company currently offers manufacturing facilities in the United States and Asia, which places the company in ideal locations to quickly and efficiently support customers around the world. It offers comprehensive design and manufacturing services for companies of all sizes, needs and locations. In addition, the company provides a variety of alternative packaging products, including paper containers and cartons.

Clamshell packaging and packaging for fruit and vegetables

Very few people know exactly what clamshell packaging is and so I will try to educate and inform you exactly what clamshell packaging is and how it can benefit you and your business. Let’s focus on the precise definition first: clamshell packaging is a single container divided in half and connected by a hinge, they are made of plastic in most cases and resemble a seashell, hence the name clamshell.

Benefits include and are not limited to:

· They are effective, adaptable and durable

· It protects against improper handling and poor storage conditions

· Makes storing fruit and vegetables easier

· Helps with product visibility and exposure which is a huge bonus for shoppers

· It is strong, durable and versatile

· Even if they are sometimes difficult to open, they help to prevent theft in shops, since stealing takes a lot of time

They come in all shapes and sizes and better yet, our prices are great too!

Fruit packaging and its importance

Airflow active

Without the right fruit packaging, fruit loses mass and ultimately the value of fruit decreases. The boxes are designed to keep airflow active and humidity levels low, ensuring mass stays at a good standard and crop levels stay at their original levels. In addition, the wrong packaging often also damages the goods, which in turn means less sales and more money wasted! For this reason, it is crucial to spend your money on the most suitable fruit packaging.

What makes fruit packaging unique is that each is designed for a specific fruit, for example:

· Berry Crates: These crates are suitable for all types of berries such as strawberry crates/containers, blueberries and even pulp baskets

· Peach Boxes: We have a wide variety of peach boxes for each peach, made exclusively for peaches

· Melon Crates/Containers: Created for Watermelons and Pumpkins

Appropriate and economical

Drip tape and mulch film: Drip tape ensures your plants get the water they need. Jains invented the Drip Tape and developed a convenient and Klappblister  economically viable system to periodically deliver a metered amount of water to the root zone of each plant. Mulch film ensures that weeds are kept away.

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