Top 5 Tips For Camping With A Large Group

The more people camp with you, the greater the responsibility. You will need a larger camp, more food and more supplies to accommodate everyone. In fact, it is a great feat organizing an outdoor trip for a large group, but with the correct techniques, you can organize a fun camp experience for each campist!

Leave these 5 best tips to camp with a large group:

Decide the perfect camp

Where you will camp will influence your general camp experience, especially in terms of comfort. Some important questions to ask is “Is your group composed of experienced campists?” And “Do you have children or older people with you?”

If not all are an experienced campist, it is ideal to choose a private or public camp with comfort (bath, water and electricity).

Make reservations early

He will not want to excite himself just to discover that the camp in which he made reservations cannot accommodate his entire group. It is important to do an exhaustive investigation of the chosen location and make early reservations. Be sure to be clear with the number of people who camp. In addition, familiarize yourself with the rules of the camp!

Choose an area full of activities

An excellent way to provide great outdoor experience to the whole group is to choose a location that offers many activities such as swimming, hiking, fishing, kayak, bird observation, etc. It is also ideal to prepare other sources of entertainment, such as building a Campfire, playing, treasures games (for children) and more!


Assign groups

It is important that each member of the group has the weight of responsibility, since the camp and the outdoor take a lot of work, especially if it is in a large group. You can assign groups for specific tasks, such as an installation team, a breakfast equipment, a dinner team, a fire team, a cleaning equipment, etc. If your group is smaller, you can make a schedule and take turns doing tasks.

Prepare a meal plan

Cooking for a large crowd is not an easy task. It is ideal to create a food plan for the whole group throughout the duration of their trip. Go to eat that can be prepared in bulk, such as soups and stews. Buying in bulk store would also save money, so I bought wisely before your trip!

Follow these quick camping tips with a big group and your trip will be very easy!

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