Types of Mutual Funds – Open – End Funds

A compliment to you for you who thought ahead. Starting investment for the future is not too early.

The financial plan is your roadmap. It helps you know where you are heading, what you need on the way, and how to reach it. Investment should be integrated with your plan. And investing is just one of the good plans.

Nevertheless, before investing everything you have, you should look at you to make sure you have a strong financial base. Now you don’t have to wait for investment, but you need to make progress in these other fields at the same time.

Emergency fund


Especially if you are the main (or only) income provider of your young family, you need to secure funds to cover the emergency. Ideally, it is necessary to target the target of three to 12 months of fixed repetition. In general, the higher the income, the more time it takes to exchange work.


Make sure you have sufficient insurance for your health, disability, property, and life. It is not a good idea to rely on the benefits of the employer. In order to save money with property insurance, you need to increase the deduction amount, which has the right urgent funds. You should aim for life insurance that covers all your fixed obligations (that is, mortgages, loans, expected universities). The same goes for your spouse.


This can be a topic itself. But at the moment, make sure you contribute to your retirement. At least, you need to be able to contribute to the amount that can get the employer’s game. Also, don’t forget to keep it for another spouse IRA (individual retirement account).



Please invest what you have left. Except for costs and distribution (and emotions), investment is hardly controlled. With a plan, you can deal with all three. It is necessary to process the risk tolerance and the time frame to invest in the type of investment. For example, if you need money within a few years, you will consider more conservative investments (such as short -term bonds and specific large cap funds).

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