Types Of Shower Heads in 2018

Types of shower heads

No matter what mood, taking a shower can make your mood more cheerful and cheerful and can even reduce the probability of getting sick throughout the day. But in the huge and broad market today, it can often be found in a very confusing situation. But do not worry, at the end of this article, we assure you that you will be guided enough to choose the appropriate shower type for you and your family. So, not doing more delay, let’s start -:

1) Individual spray shower

These are a very general type of showers that prevail in Indian houses for a long time. It is equipped with a single shower head along with a very focused, direct and solid pressure, which makes your bathrooms a lovely pleasure. But, since these types of bath accessories are fixed and pre-organized, therefore, it cannot move them accordingly.

We recommend this type of shower heads for those looking for a simple and economical model and that has a bath size that goes from small to medium.

2) Hand shower

Like all consumers have different types of preferences, one may not like a pre -established and fixed shower and wants it to be portable and easy to handle the utility. So, for them, we have this product called “hand shower.” This type of showers can help you stay in one position and let this shower do your job in different parts of your body.

This type of shower head can be very useful and be useful for pets, children, older people, etc.

3) Rain shower

Some of the users may like rain a lot and also want to feel the same type of feeling at home. For them, we have this shower head called “rain shower panels.” TRANSLY, this type of showers is becoming very popular in the market. With its light and innovative design, it allows you to enjoy an easy and quiet shower effect.


This type of shower head can be recommended for people who have small bathrooms and have enough budget for their bathrooms.

4) Shower panels

These types of showers are made so that their shower experience is more lovely than ever. This type of bath accessories are economical and can be used for a bath size that varies from small to medium.

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