Vintage Style Bedroom – Charm Of Romantic Beauty

Vintage-style bedrooms have been around for a long time, but in Vietnam, they are as fresh as a breath of fresh air, bearing the stamp of time and heart-stopping romantic beauty. If you are a “follower” of this design style, let us teach you how to have a light, close, and beautiful vintage bedroom!

Why is the vintage bedroom so popular?

Customers are won over by the emotional depth of a vintage bedroom. Vintage is an interior design style that combines classic and modern elements to create a seamless transition between the old and the new. It can be furniture that has been repurposed for a new role, function, or meaning, or it can be new items designed in an antique, nostalgic style.

As a result, the vintage-style bedroom frequently covers the living space with a layer of time’s “dust” that is both quiet, gentle, and romantic. And, of course, with this trend, homeowners never have to worry about their rooms going out of style.

Key elements to create a bedroom in vintage style

Pay attention to furniture selection

As we’ve seen, nostalgic objects play an important role in vintage interior design. A well-known item, such as a lantern-shaped chandelier, antique clock, portrait or nature sketch, decorative pillow, ceramic flowerpot, and so on. Everyone has contributed to the room’s beauty. soft, quiet, and appealing


Simple, idyllic, but very friendly, close to the feeling that a vintage-style bedroom evokes thanks to the deft use of rich materials such as wood, raw fabric, textiles, or lace. With their experience and knowledge, design experts recommend that wooden floors in natural colors be used for this style.

Beds and wardrobes should prioritize wood because of the time value it provides, or families can use chrome-plated metal to effectively convey the most authentic nostalgic feelings of space and time.

Ingenuity in color selection

Color, in addition to interior elements and materials, plays an equally important role in laying the groundwork for vintage design. Gentle pastel tones such as white, pastel pink, light yellow, earth orange, sky blue, and so on are appropriate color groups for this interior design style bedroom. Your job is to choose which color is the main theme and how to combine them to create a sense of relaxation and comfort while remaining elegant and elegant. At the same time, the color must reflect the owner’s personality and preferences.

Come up with your own ideas

Ideas function as a guideline that directs all of the previously mentioned work. This is also what distinguishes your living space from other vintage-style bedrooms. To perfect your ideas, exchange them with designers and listen to their professional advice.

How to decorate a bedroom in a vintage style?

Creating a theme for the bedroom

What is the bedroom’s background? Aside from color, all of the textures that you decorate on the walls serve as a background that adds to the overall aesthetic value of the living space. Make a list of color palettes, furnishing, and decor items… to have a clear vision of what to do next.

Pay attention to the bed

If the sofa table is the soul of the living room, the bed is the most important piece of bedroom furniture. That is why we must decorate and maintain that space so that it is beautiful and warm so that every moment of rest and relaxation is enjoyable. First, purchase the appropriate bedding set for your needs. Then, decorate the bedside area with commemorative pictures and lovely and warm little lamps.

Use retro decorative accessories

One of the most important factors in attracting customers to a vintage-style bedroom is nostalgia. It is the beauty that has been imprinted with the time, subtly reminiscent of those old memories that fill the rustic and idyllic space with emotions.

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on decorative accessories; your job is to know how to select and choose the most appropriate and soulful products for that floating, romantic private world. Pendulum clocks, wind chimes, brocade carpets, soft and charming lace curtains, and other popular items used in vintage bedroom decoration

Looking for a professional vintage designer

The vintage bedroom design appears to be simple, but it is not. Although it does not necessitate cumbersome and complicated details, classy and massive items, vintage interior design necessitates great creativity, sophistication, and ingenuity in the ability to patch emotions, so you must find reputable addresses and have a lot of experience in the field of interior design, particularly vintage-style bedroom design.

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For those who love nostalgic romantic beauty, the vintage-style bedroom will definitely bring extremely sweet moments. Do you like this interior design style? What style would you like to renovate your bedroom? Tell us more in the comment section below and don’t forget to subscribe to read more articles from us.

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