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One of the most essential tasks in hand, when you start with your wedding plans, is looking at potential wedding venues. There is a lot more to the perfect wedding venue than just the aesthetics. There are all kinds of necessary details you will have to cover before you book a wedding venue. You can go about it in two ways- one is when you have come across your dream wedding venue already, it holds emotional value and is already shortlisted even before you start planning your wedding; and the other is shortlisting the most relevant venue options once you decide your wedding budget.

In both these cases, the process of finding and finalizing the right wedding venue in Jaipur depends on asking the right questions. If you have already set your eyes on some of the best heritage hotels in Jaipur, then you need to prepare a list of questions you want to ask the venue manager, to make sure that the venue can be booked for your wedding day. If, on the other hand, your search for wedding venues in Jaipur has just begun, look for wedding lawns, farmhouses, hotels, and banquet halls that go well with your wedding theme and have the venue capacity you need. After this, you need to get all the answers you need before you finalize your wedding venue. Now the real question comes- what should you ask about the wedding venue before you book it for your ceremonies? Well, in this article, we, at Hotel Narain Niwas Palace, have curated a list of all the possible questions that you must ask before finalizing your dream wedding venue. 

Questions About Availability And Venue Capacity

If you have booked an appointment with the venue manager, here are some questions that you should ask once you shortlist your wedding venue:

  • Is the venue available on the wedding date we have finalized?
  • If not, is the venue available on any other saava dates as per the wedding calendar in the same month? (sometimes, couples who do not want a saava date specifically can chek for the availability of the venue on weekends or any other holiday dates for their wedding.)
  • How far in advance can we book this venue?
  • How many days are included in the rental amount?

If the venue is available on your wedding dates, ask the following questions:

  • How many guests can your venue accommodate?
  • What types of spaces does your venue offer for pre-wedding and post-wedding ceremonies?
  • If we are hosting an intimate wedding, do you rent this space for a smaller guest size?
  • Do you provide rooms for guest accommodations? If yes, can you share the per-room tariff? If not, is there any other hotel nearby where we can accommodate our guests?
  • In case of a bigger venue, how many weddings are you hosting in the wedding venue on our shortlisted date?
  • In case of a destination wedding, do you allow pre-booking of the common areas for smaller ceremonies?
  • Do you allow pets on your property? If yes, do you allow pets to stay in the rooms?

Questions On The Pricing Of The Venue And Payment Policies

The main factor you must consider before finalizing your wedding venue is pricing. Does the price of the venue fit into your wedding venue budget? If it does, what are the payment policies of the venue? Following are a few questions you must ask the venue manager:

Venue Pricing

  • How much will be the rent of your venue if we rule out catering services?
  • How much is the advance booking deposit?
  • Do you have a payment schedule we have to follow for before and after payments?
  • Do you offer different rates for saava dates and weekends? What is the pricing for our shortlisted dates?
  • What are the services included in the total payments?

Payment Policies

  • What is the cancellation policy of your venue?
  • What is the last date when you are accepting any change requests in our booking?

Questions Related To Vendor Team

Asking questions about vendor recommendations from the venue will help you find trusted and reputed wedding vendors for your wedding services. Wedding venues often suggest vendors they have plenty of experience working with. This means excellent coordination between the vendors and the venue which is necessary for your wedding day. Here is what you must ask your venue manager:

  • Is it compulsory to book the same vendors? Would you allow other vendors if we book your venue?
  • Do you offer in-house vendors for decoration, catering, wedding music, and wedding DJ services for weddings?
  • What time can our vendor visit your venue depending on our booked dates?
  • Do you have a list of trusted vendors you can recommend for our wedding?
  • Are there any fixed timelines or noise restrictions that our vendor needs to follow at your venue?
  • Does your venue have its own speakers and sound equipment?

Questions About Food And Beverages

Most wedding venues such as Jaipur wedding hotels, marriage gardens, and banquet halls have their own catering services. If you are planning to book the in-house caterers, here is what you need to ask:

  • What will be the total package including the venue space, guest accommodation, and catering charges? 
  • Do you allow outside caterers or do we have to book your in-house caterers only?
  • Do you allow alcohol at your venue? If yes, can your team purchase liquor for us or do we need to source from outside?
  • Do you have a maximum or minimum limit for food and beverage orders? What happens if we do not meet the minimum requirements or exceed the maximum requirements?
  • If alcohol is allowed, would you arrange an open bar? How will the prices differ in this case?

Bottom Line!

The list of questions you must ask your venue manager is endless. We recommend you keep the aforementioned questions in mind before you meet the manager. At Hotel Narain Niwas Palace, we offer the best services keeping in mind your wedding details. Here, we make sure to take care of every little detail to make your day all the more special. So, book your wedding venue with us today and have a relaxed, fun wedding. After all, this day has to be memorable for you and your guests!

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