What are the top six best types of shipping boxes?

The top six best types of shipping boxes

Whenever you are up to some trade, it is smaller in size or bigger, you need shipping boxes for that purpose. These boxes are of multiple sizes, shapes, and styles. Therefore, it can be challenging for brands to know where to start. Even choosing between poly mailers and shipping boxes is a tricky thing, because of their multiple benefits. You can’t completely ignore any one of that. There are many reasons to buy these boxes, from shipping orders to external customers to meeting internal needs like supply transfer and storage and many more. When your brand is up to shipping, choosing the right box can work wonders for your business. So, these boxes do not just protect the product from spill during transportation but will also provide an absolute experience for your customers.

There are multiple options available for these boxes in the market so, it is very difficult to visually differentiate your brand. you can create a desire in your target audience to stand out. Every customer loves pretty, attractive, and pleasant things. For example, if any brand is having two different packagings, one is – a beautifully packed one and the other is simple, most people will purchase the first one. Having fine quality is a key factor that influences a person’s purchasing choice. Therefore, it is very important to deliver a trustworthy experience that provides comfort, and satisfaction to your customers. There are multiple types of shipping boxes, followings are the top six best materials for these boxes.

Packaging papers:

Packaging paper has numerous benefits and is one of the most common packaging materials for shipping. It is sustainable, affordable, and a natural choice for brands across retail and eCommerce. Moreover, it’s recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable, making it easy for your customers to dispose of it dutifully. Paper is best for protecting fragile items, which can protect them from damage during shipping. Additionally, it is suitable for a wide range of items, by lowering the cost.

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Foam packaging:

Custom foam inserts are best for shipping fragile or high-value products, mainly if they are of an irregular shape. Specially, designed foam packaging will support your product, and can protect the content inside the packaging. therefore, your product is safe during its movement in shipment. Being lightweight means, it has a low shipping cost. It is one of the great options for high-value items that need luxury treatment. This foam packaging is not biodegradable or recyclable easily so, it is very important to use it carefully. One of the best qualities of using this foam packaging is that if you want to pack breakable objects, try using foam packaging.

Korrvu packaging:

These are best for holding items in the center of your shipping container. That ensures your product’s safety and keeps the product secure in place using a non-slip film. Moreover, this type of packaging also protects the shipping items from bumps and vibration. These boxes are innovative and versatile. They are great alternatives to plastic foam packaging. Since it is the best application for breakable bottles for example expensive alcohol or perfumes. So, this packaging is best for so many products especially when they are up for the shipping process. 

Packaging peanut:

These are the small fragments that are interlocked under great pressure. That will help in creating a protective layer between your product and the external packaging. Moreover, these boxes are safe during shifting around the corner. These boxes are small in size which makes them secure, without adding extra weight to your parcels. In old times, these packaging peanuts normally use plastic in their manufacturing process. And we all know that plastic is not good for health. But with time this packaging is now in biodegradable material which is totally plastic free.

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Bubble wrap:

One of the best materials for shipping boxes is using for decades. It offers a flexible cushion of air that provides a high level of protection. However, the packaging becomes redundant, if the bubbles get damaged. While bubble wrap comes in many forms, for example, they use plastic. And this thing makes it less environmentally friendly than paper or cardboard-based packaging options. Another reason for bubble wrap’s decreasing popularity is that It’s relatively exclusive — with other eco-friendly options available.

Poly mailers:

Last but not least type of packaging for shipping products is poly mailers. These boxes are light in weight but sturdy plastic bags. That anyone can use to ship non-fragile products. Being lightweight makes them inexpensive alternatives to corrugated boxes. Companies are charging per weight for the objects. So, having lightweight packaging can help reduce shipping costs. Traders only use these poly mailers for shipping clothes, shoes, and the items which we can pack in these boxes.

Summing up

So, having the best materials for packaging the products can help your brand go high. People love to use boxes that are more environmentally friendly. Moreover, they are less costly, making them the best for shipping products.

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