What can you do when QuickBooks American Express not Syncing

Users are having considerable difficulties synchronizing QuickBooks American Express, which has inundated the inquiry boxes of QB professionals. If you’re one of them, rest assured that there’s nothing to worry about because we’ve provided a list of workable methods that you may use to solve the problem from its root.

Amex consumers have a tonne of questions and concerns on the support boards following the Wells Fargo banking troubles in QuickBooks. Amex consumers have been experiencing a 2022 issue with QuickBooks bank feeds not working when updating their bank accounts with QuickBooks, and Error 9999 appears each time they attempt to update bank feeds.

What causes the QuickBooks American Express issue?

The failure of the QuickBooks bank feeds is an indication that there are issues preventing American Express and your bank from operating simultaneously and delivering results in real-time. Let’s take a closer look at the problem. Banks often permit manual updates and daily downloads. American Express runs into restrictions while downloading transactions, though. Physical updates are therefore used to restore the two’s synchronization.

We’re working in sync with the Amex Business Credit Card (US) to repair the connection, but users may still encounter error messages. Due to this issue, QuickBooks does not update bank transactions for 2022.

Describe Amex.

Amex refers to the American Express credit card, which allows users to make purchases across the nation. A financial services corporation that is publicly traded issues American Express cards. They can also be called credit cards, charge cards, or prepaid cards. It offers numerous advantages and rewards, including cashback, reward points, and travel advantages. Co-branded cards provide corresponding advantages.

How QuickBooks Online Users Can Resolve Error 9999:

Users can essentially reset the connection to fix the QuickBooks Desktop bank feeds the problem. In order to load the transactions, the connection between QuickBooks and Amex can be broken. To resolve the problem, disconnect and re-connect the connection.

As follows, unplug AMEX and QuickBooks:

By entering your ID and password to access your account, go to the bank page, and sync the Amex card. Disconnect Amex from QuickBooks (Banking Page > Disconnect Amex from QuickBooks), even though the transaction continues to be ongoing. You can then attempt reconnecting the account. It will be removed the transaction that was entered in the “For Review” tab. As a result, you must add the transactions before they are deleted. The following are the steps to do this:

1 The banking area is on the left menu.
2 Select Banking from the menu.
3 After that, click the Edit (pencil icon) button next to the account you want to change.
4 In the Account window, check the “Disconnect the account on save” box.
5 Once you click Save > Close, you’re done.
6 You should also make sure the connection is updated by cutting off Intuit using Amex Online Banking:

For each Amex card, cut the prior intuit link.

1 Visit American Express’ website and log in.
2 Change the account’s designation from personal or corporate to business.
3 At the top, select Account Services.
4 Find Security and privacy on the left.
5 Choose Manage Partner Permissions from the menu.
6 Expand the part of intuit by selecting it.
7 Repeat the procedure for each of your AMEX cards, then hit disconnect.

Reconcile QB and Amex

To fix the QuickBooks desktop bank feeds not working issue, reconnect the Amex business card and download the most recent transactions. When Amex is added to the banking feed in QB, these transactions are downloaded automatically. You need to complete the following approval work:

1 Visit the transaction menu or the Banking section.
2 If it’s the first time, decide to link the account to the landing page.
3 If you have connected before, choose Add account.
4 Locate the Amex card, then click Save and Finish.
5 Enter your username and password for American Express in the box that appears.
6 Observe the extra security precautions, guidelines, etc.
7 Choose the accounts you want to add, the account type for each one from the drop-down menu, etc. You can use it to create your chart of accounts.
8 Choose Connect after selecting the date range for which you wish to obtain the transactions.
9 You shouldn’t have any more problems with Amex syncing with QB now that it has been completed.

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