What Is Affiliate Marketing – And Why You Should Use It

If you’re interested in being flexible with your laptop, affiliate marketing might be an option. It’s a very flexible business model that gives affiliates time and financial freedom with the many products online that they can promote and the different ways they can promote them. Although initially many affiliates struggle to sell. This is a course to learn affiliate product marketing skills. But if you decide to learn that skill, it can help you for the rest of your life.

When you succeed as an affiliate, you can live anywhere, work for yourself and never need another job or employee again. This is a big “award” and worth the work. However, many people give up before they even make a single sale.

The learning curve for affiliate marketing is steep and there are no guarantees. Before you can make something, you have to sell something. So, if you’re in desperate need of money, you probably won’t have to rely on income right away. However, if you are serious about making money on the internet and are willing to put in the effort, the rewards can be huge.

There are many ways to do affiliate marketing, and depending on your situation, you can choose one of several strategies or a few. However, the general advice is to choose a marketing strategy and stick with it in the long run until it catches your attention. Moving from one strategy to another can mean spreading yourself too thin. \

Any strategy can be difficult, so stick with a strategy you’re comfortable with. Blogging or content marketing is a slower strategy than using paid marketing. Some affiliates will invest in high ticket programs and then use paid marketing to build and scale their business very quickly. For example, it requires a lot more investment than someone who uses a free program and wants to generate traffic through blogging.

Depending on your specific situation, you can choose a strategy that suits you and your budget. A free marketing strategy can take much longer and require more work. Blogging or video production are two strategies. You shouldn’t expect too much to happen in a short period of time by uploading videos to YouTube or writing blog posts every day. However, after months or years of doing this activity, you can earn a good passive income by promoting affiliate products through your content.

Content grows over time and videos and posts created years ago can still generate income. As the amount of content increases, you can see that sales revenue also increases. Of course, this also depends on several factors. Depending on the topic and your ability to create useful and interesting content, it can take months or even years to gain regular attention from your online business.

A much faster way is to use list building and paid marketing. Listing allows you to create a list of email subscribers and send regular emails through an autoresponder. As your list grows and you build relationships with your subscribers, they need to know, like, and trust you. Monetize your email list by providing useful affiliate products of value to your subscribers.

However, it can be difficult at first as an affiliate marketer. If you only have a list of 90 people, it is much more difficult to generate revenue than a list of 90,000 subscribers. It can be hard to see this in the beginning, and all you’re seeing is the lack of sales you’ve made!


So affiliates need to be patient and understand rather than build a business. Many affiliates don’t see this and quit too early. Before I even build an email list of 1000 subscribers, I declare “not working” and shut it down!

A good analogy for affiliate marketing is looking at Chinese bamboo. Chinese bamboo trees are conceived underground for 4-5 years before breaking the soil surface.

After digging through the soil, it can shoot up to 90 feet in six weeks.

Affiliate marketing is pretty much the same. Pregnancy can be months or years. This is the most difficult time for affiliates as there is no evidence that the business is doing well.

There are other ways to optimize traction with your online affiliate business. For years I struggled with affiliate marketing because I didn’t know this. I signed up for the Amazon and eBay affiliate programs and worked hard to build content to nothing!

Later I found out about digital products that paid much more in terms of fees. For example, Amazon pays a 1-11% commission on products sold by its affiliates. Digital products usually cost much more, ranging from 40% to 100% in some cases.

Subscription digital products also offer affiliates a greater opportunity to earn regular income with fewer sales. As a beginner, using a subscription affiliate product is definitely worth it. 

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