What is business car insurance?

With business car insurance, you insure damage to or caused by your company car. Business liability insurance covers damage caused by your car to other vehicles, persons, or things. This insurance is mandatory. With a WA limited hull or WA full hull, we also reimburse the damage to your own company car. View our business car insurance policies.

How much does business car insurance cost?

The amount of your premium depends on the following:

the industry in which you operate;

the type of vehicle you insure (passenger car, delivery van, delivery van);

the number of claim-free years you have accrued.

Insuring a business car is usually more expensive than insuring a private car. This is because company cars often drive more kilometers and have several drivers. As a result, they are more at risk of damage. Good to know: the costs of your company car are deductible from the tax authorities. If you deduct VAT, you insure your car on the basis of catalog value without VAT.”

A company car is a car that you use for business, and that appears in your company’s accounting. It does not matter whether the car is in your own name or in the name of your sole proprietorship, VOF or BV. Anyone with a valid driver’s license can drive this company car. Do you want to insure your company car? Then you can help with a business car insurance policy.

Insuring your company car with Centraal Beheer offers many advantages. We would like to list a few for you:

  • You are insured with the best business non-life insurer of 2020, 2021, and 2022. This is evident from the customer satisfaction survey of the Dutch Association of Insurers.
  • You will receive smooth customer service and claims handling.
  • You may drive an unlimited number of kilometers, also privately.
  • All your cars are on 1 policy and 1 account.
  • You will receive a high entry discount of 55%.
  • You can put together your business car insurance yourself.

Can I buy a car for business and drive privately? 

You can also drive your car privately if you bought it for business. Do you privately drive more than 500 kilometers per year in your company car? Then the addition comes into play. This is the amount on which you pay tax. Should you buy a company car or not? We like to make a choice easier for you.

Does the car appear in your company’s accounting? You may deduct purchase, fuel, insurance, parking, and maintenance costs from your turnover tax return. Do you use your private car for business trips? And do you keep a trip administration? In that case, you may deduct € 0.19 per kilometer. In both cases, you can take out business car insurance with us. Is your car not included in your company’s accounting? Then choose our private car insurance.

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