What is LASIK Surgery? Why should someone go for LASIK?

Eyes help us see this wonderful world. But due to spending time in front of digital screens, people often suffer from eye problems such as eye-sightedness. In any case of eye disorder, you must seek help at a well-known Eye Hospital In Punjab. Eye sightedness is mainly of three types.

  • Myopia
  • Hyperopia
  • Astigmatism

You will learn more about these three types in this blog later. But first, discuss the LASIK surgery. You may have probably heard about this term somewhere, as it is quite popular. So, What is It? Basically, LASIK (Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) is a surgery for vision correction. It replaces the use of glasses and contact lenses. For ideal results, you need to get treatment from a famous lasik surgeon in Punjab. It has a number of benefits. Such as

Benefits Of Lasik Surgery


It is quite effective for vision correction. In fact, it provides better vision correction than glasses or contact lenses.

Quick Procedure

A person has to wear contact lenses or glasses for a long time. And even wearing it for a  long time does not guarantee vision correctness. But LASIK does, and very quickly. You won’t have to wait for a very long time for vision improvements.

Escape From Glasses

You won’t have to wear glasses anymore once you have the LASIK surgery. Actually, many people do not like wearing glasses all the time. Those people must go for it.

Permanent Vision Improvement

LASIK offers permanent vision improvement. You won’t have to suffer from eye-sightedness ever in your life.


Unlike any other vision correction treatment, it is very cost-effective. This procedure on average cost between Rs. 30,000 – Rs. 80,000 for both eyes, which is not much if you compare it to other treatments. The cost varies depending on the treatment’s quality and the surgeon’s expertise. You have to visit the clinic to know the exact amount.

What eye disorders do LASIK cure?

Now let’s see what kind of eye disorders LASIK surgery can cure. It cures the same types of eye-sightedness conditions that you read about above.


A person who finds difficulty in viewing near-placed objects has myopia. This problem usually occurs to teenagers and adults who spend much of their free time in front of digital screens.


A person unable to see far-placed objects clearly suffers from hyperopia. This disorder usually occurs in older people as the problem takes place as the person ages.


In this disorder, the person suffers from both myopia and hyperopia. This means that person’s near and far visions are both weak. This is rarer than the above two eye disorders.

One last word

Before going for LASIK surgery, you must check your eligibility. If any person has health concerns that can later affect their health after LASIK surgery, doctors usually suggest they not undergo this surgery. If you have not found a well-known clinic for LASIK surgery, then visiting Mitra Eye Hospital & Lasik Laser Centre will significantly help you. You can contact the hospital on their official number to get immediate consultation.

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