Considering the need for a loan with the best advantages, we made this analysis based on interest rates for three types. Check out!

In the table, you can see which is the best Bank for the lowest interest loan , according to the type of credit. In the next topics, you can check a more complete evaluation.

Discover the best banks for loans by type

Now that you already know the main low-interest Online payday loan options, see which is the best Bank separated by credit type. To arrive at this list, we considered the rates registered with the Central Bank and the main institutions (accessible to the general public).

Best Bank for a personal loan

The best Bank for personal loans is Caixa Econômica, which has the lowest interest rate for this modality. According to the Central Bank report, the tariff starts at 29.54% per annum .

Payment can be made in up to 48 months and the Bank offers four different plans so that you can choose the most suitable one (with pre- and post-fixed interest).

See the alternatives:

Best Bank for INSS payroll loan

The best Bank for INSS payroll loan is Banco Sicoob . The best interest rate is 17.68% per annum . However, it is worth remembering that to apply for any line of credit it is necessary to become a member of the Bank.

If you want to know what the alternatives are.

Best Bank for public payroll loan

As for civil servants, the best Bank to take out a low-interest loan is Banco Inter . It offers credit with rates starting at 12.68% per annum .

It is possible to make an online quote and simulate the value of the installments, based on the contracted credit and the payment term. Hiring is also done digitally and the Bank informs that the money is made available within 3 days.

See what the alternatives are:

BankInterest rate for public payroll

Banco Inter From 12.68% per annum

sicredi From 14.32% per year

Sicoob Bank From 14.80% per year

Itau bank From 16.69% per annum

Best banks to take public payroll loan

Best Bank for private payroll loan

The best Bank to make a private payroll loan is Banco Sicoob, with interest rates starting at 13.53% per annum. Remember that it is necessary to become a member to access this line of credit.

Best Bank for secured loan

Finally, the best Bank to take out a secured loan is Itaú , with interest rates of just 10.30% per year, for the property secured loan modality .

What criteria were used to select the best lending banks?

As these are more individual questions, we rely only on loan interest rates in this article. Thus, the analysis becomes more objective and includes all profiles. 

In addition, we also selected institutions that operate in the national territory or that provide online operations, such as the digital account (which can be opened regardless of location and, therefore, serves a large audience).

Defining which are the best banks for borrowing is something that depends not only on your credit profile and interest rates, but also on the type of credit you want to take. After all, there are different conditions for each situation.

Where to simulate the loan with the Bank?

  • If you are interested in our analysis, you already know which is the best Bank to take out a loan and now you want to simulate the loan with the Bank, the best thing to do is access the financial institution’s website. 


Now you know which is the best Bank for loans in each of the modalities: personal credit, INSS payroll, public payroll, private payroll and secured loan. This information makes it easier to compare and make the right choice for your budget.

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