What is the use of resistor color code

What is the use of resistor color code

What is the use of resistor color code

Check out the All About Circuits Resistor Color Code Calculator, a reachable device for studying resistor shadeation code values. Resistor values are regularly indicated with shadeation codes. Practically all leaded resistors with an energy score up to 1 watt are marked resistor color code with shadeation bands.

The coding is described withinside the worldwide widespread IEC 60062. This widespread describes the marking codes for resistors and capacitors. In addition to defining the shadeation bands, the usual additionally consists of numerical codes, as regularly used for floor mount SMD resistors.

How Does the Resistor Color Code Work?

The shadeation code is given through numerous bands. Together they specify the resistance fee, the tolerance, and every so often the reliability or failure rate. The wide variety of bands varies from 3 to six. At a minimum,  bands imply the resistance fee and one band serves as a multiplier. The resistance values are standardized; those values are referred to as desired values.

 Resistor Color Code Chart

The chart indicates the way to decide the resistance and tolerance for resistors. The desk also can be used to specify the shadeation of the bands while the values are known. A computerized resistor calculator may be used to quickly locate the resistor values.

Tips for Reading Resistor Codes

In the sections under, examples are given for special numbers of shadeation bands. But, first, right here are a few preferred guidelines for studying the shadeation code:

The studying route won’t usually be clear. Sometimes the expanded area among bands three and four offers a demonstration of the studying route. Also, the primary band is commonly the nearest to a lead. A gold or silver band (the tolerance) is usually the remaining band.

It is a superb exercise to test the manufacturer`s documentation to make certain approximately the shadeation coding gadget used. When in doubt, degree the resistance with an ohmmeter. In a few instances, this could also be the simplest manner to parent out the resistance; as an example while the shadeation bands are burnt off.

four band resistor

4-band resistor shadeation code

The 4 band shadeation code is the maximum, not unusualplace variation. These resistors have bands for the resistance fee, one multiplier, and one tolerance band. In the instance proven right here, the four bands are inexperienced, blue, crimson, and gold. By the use of the shadeation code chart, one reveals that inexperienced stands for five and blue for 6. The 1/3 band is the multiplier, with crimson representing a multiplier fee of 2 (102). Therefore, the fee of this resistor is 56 · 102 = 56 · a hundred = 5600 Ω. The gold band way that the resistor has a tolerance of five%.  The resistance fee lies consequently between 5320 and 5880 Ω (5560 ± five%). If the tolerance band is left blank, the result is a three-band resistor. This way that the resistance fee stays identical, however, the tolerance is 20%.

 five band resistor

5-band resistor shadeation code

Resistors with excessive precision have a further band to suggest a 3rd giant digit. Therefore, the primary 3 bands imply the giant digits, the fourth band is the multiplication factor, and the 5th band represents the tolerance. For the instance proven right here: brown (1), yellow (four), violet (7), black (x a hundred = x1), inexperienced (0.five%) represents a 147 Ω resistor with a 0.five% tolerance.

There are exceptions to this five-band shadeation gadget. For instance, every so often the more band can also additionally imply failure rate (army specification) or temperature coefficient (older or specialized resistors). Please study the subsection “Color Code Exceptions” for greater records.

six band resistor shadeation code

6 band resistor

Resistors with 6 bands are commonly for excessive precision resistors which have a further band to specify the temperature coefficient (ppm/˚C = ppm/K). The maximum not unusualplace shadeation for the 6th band is brown (a hundred ppm/˚C). This way for a temperature extrude of 10 ˚C, the resistance fee can extrude one thousand ppm = 0.1%. For the 6-band resistor instance proven above: orange (three), crimson (2), brown (1), brown (x10), inexperienced (1%), and crimson (50 ppm/°C) represent a three.21 kΩ resistor with a 1% tolerance and a 50 ppm/°C temperature coefficient.

Color Code Exceptions

Reliability band

Resistors that are produced consistent with army specifications every so often encompasses a further band to suggest reliability. This is laid out in failure rate (%) consistent with one thousand hours of service.  This is not often utilized in industrial electronics. Most regularly the reliability band may be located on 4-band resistors. More records approximately reliability may be located withinside the US army manual MIL-HDBK-199.

Single black band or zero-ohm resistor

A resistor with an unmarried black band Printed circuit board in china is referred to as a zero-ohm resistor. Principally it’s miles used as a cord hyperlink that features to attach strains on a published circuit board (PCB). Using the resistor bundle permits the identical automatic pick-and-area machines to area the additives on a circuit board.

five-band resistor with a 4th band of gold or silver

Five-band resistors with a fourth band of gold or silver shape an exception and are used on specialized and older resistors. The first bands constitute the giant digits, the third is the multiplication factor, the 4th is the tolerance, and the fifth is the temperature coefficient (ppm/˚C).

Deviating colors

For excessive voltage resistors, the colors gold and silver are regularly changed to yellow and gray. This is to save you from having metallic debris withinside the coating.

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