What Might Be Next In The Economy?

We do not have a crystal ball, so it is impossible to accurately predict the future! This is especially true for economic issues such as investment, real estate, interest rates, inflation pressure, government behavior, and international factors. What is the impact of inflation, recession, interest rates, and Federal Reserve Bank’s decisions? etc? Hedge -how do you bet, taking high quality returns while minimizing unnecessary risks? There is no simple answer because there is a great effect on many factors. With that in mind, this article will try to easily examine, examine, review, and review potential factors to help readers more fully understandable.

1) Interest rates: We have experienced a long -term period of low interest rates. The cost of borrowing was so low that this created a simple money. Both individuals and companies, at least immediately, have low mortgages, and have low monthly rates, so they all allow housing buyers to buy more houses. Corporate and government bonds and banks have paid low returns. In recent memories, it has been reborn, suppressing inflation, and has caused home prices to rise, but has not witnessed it. The Federal Reserve Bank informs them that they will end this support, and probably raises three times in 2022. What do you think it will cause?

2) Car loans, consumer loans, borrowing: The automotive industry is greatly influenced by supply chain issues. As the price rises, car loans and leases become more expensive.

3) This pattern began after the Tax Reform Law, passed at the end of 2017, and created a deficit of the first new dollar.

4) Government expenditures have been caused by economic suffering and issues, and have produced more debt for pandemic for shutdowns. Unfortunately, you need to deal with debt.


5) Recognition and attitude: In the past few years, in addition to general recognition, many fears have been created and economic impacts have been inconvenienced.

Either, we start planning with effectively, common sense and open mind -Many are risky. Wake up, wake up the United States, and demand better leadership, services and expressions.

Richard has a business and has been conducting a personal development seminar for 40 years, consulting with COOs, CEOs, development directors, consultants, specialized events, and thousands of leaders. Rich wrote three books and thousands of articles.

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