What Type of Cabin to Buy on Your First River Cruise

River Cruising in Europe has become one of the most demanded vacation options for “Boomers and Pre-Boomers” alike. This demand is fed by past clients of oceanic cruises and those who had never enjoyed an oceanic cruise before. The reasons for this demand are; The with all inclusive nature of the experience of River Cruise, the immersive destination experience and the general affordability that each River Cruise client enjoys their vacations.

While the experience of European River Cruise is very rewarding and the river trips enjoy an extremely high level of satisfaction, we know that some elements of planning their first trip to the river can be a bit discouraging. This is because all cruise lines and all River cruises are not created equal and that certainly applies to the type of cabin you buy.

When talking with thousands of buyers for the first time, a significant number of those buyers for the first time commented that choosing the right cabin on their first trip to the river was one of the most frustrating and challenging things they faced as new customers.

If you have never enjoyed the wonders of a very affordable European cruise, you may not understand how to select the best cabin for your trip. Selecting that perfect cabin can be made more confusing by two factors that can affect your decision; The different generations of river ships and the various types of cabins (also called cabins) on each ship.

In addition to these distinctions, other factors should be considered before selecting your cabin. But it can be comforted by knowing that the cabin selection is a rather logical process and that apart from its cabin selection, almost any other element of the experience in board a host and the coast is exactly the same, regardless of what kind Buy cabin. Why? Because every passenger in a river ship enjoys the same excursions on land in depth, a delicious kitchen and excellent personal service.

At first glance, one might not understand why the cabin selection is so important and may reach the same conclusion. The reason why it is very relevant is due to the price difference between a window and the balcony cabin. In general, for a one -week cruise, the difference can be between $ 599 and $ 1500 per person for the balcony, so if the price is important, go to the window. If you prefer a balcony, but your budget demands a window, go by all means for the window cabin instead of not going, since all other elements of the trip will be exactly the same as if you had bought the balcony.

Traveling with rare and similar ideas travelers is one of the other very rewarding elements of a river trip. They are aimed at those who are over 55 years old and, although there are many active excursions on land, these types of cruise ships are not suitable for children.


While they are not suitable for children, these river trips are very suitable for single or alone travelers looking for a vacation that attract other similar travelers.

Rick Kaplan has been in the cruise business for more than 25 years. He has been helping cruise travelers with how to get the best treatment and how to select the right cruise line / boat to meet their personal needs and desires. Rick is one of the main experts in all the elements of the river cruises and he is a great resource for any river cruise for the first time.

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