Who Needs An STD Test and How Often Should You Get Tested? 

Every good thing comes with a risk, which we all agree to. No doubt sex is delightful, but you might end up paying a hefty price. Henceforth, it will not be wrong to say that sex may not beneficial to everyone. This is to say that there is the risk of developing Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD). According to some research groups, one in every two people will likely develop STD before the age of 25. Moreoever, STDs can also affect people who are over 50 years of age. 

Even with the practice of safe sex and taking into account every precaution, millions of people still acquire STDs, says the World Health Organization. Just like every affliction has a remedy, std test near me can help in the diagnosis and treatment of the infection.

Who needs an STD test?

If you have sex regularly, then you may require to take the test for STD twice a year.  Getting the routine tests done regularly will be helpful in preventing the spread of STDs. If you are in a polygamous relationship, you must follow a scheduled check-up in every three to six months. If possible, then one must opt for regular check-ups to ensure if they are on the safer side of the road or not. Early detection of the ailment will stand a good chance of recovering from it at the earliest. 

All sexually active beings must get their tests done on a regular basis because it is necessary and healthy. This test for Sexually transmitted diseases is important and is hale and hearty for everyone regardless of sexual orientation and gender. 

There are various ways of conducting the STD tests. For instance, it can be carried out in swabs, as a urine test, or even as a blood test. These tests together can make you aware if you have-

  • Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).
  • Chlamydia.
  • Gonorrhea.
  • Herpes.
  • Hepatitis B.
  • Bacterial Vaginosis.
  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease.
  • Trichomoniasis. 

When should you test?

If you had unsafe sex, then you must wait a week before getting a test because some viruses like HIV do not turn up that early. Be in contact with your doctors and let them know every inch bit about what you feel and ask for their recommendations, and follow it thoroughly. If you find any symptoms of the STD or any other virus, make an urgent move to your doctor and register for a check-up because it will not be wise of you to neglect it.

Is it important to test for STD before conceiving a child?

If you are thinking of conceiving or you are already pregnant, then make sure to test for hepatitis B, syphilis, and HIV. Also, if you are involved in monogamy during your pregnancy, be sure to test your STDs frequently and thoroughly.

What are the symptoms of STD?

The symptoms of Sexually Transmitted Disease include:

  • Smelly vagina.
  • Unusual looking vaginal discharge.
  • Dark coloration of urine.
  • Excruciating painful sex.
  • Blisters and other lesions around your vulva or anus.
  • Condition of itching arises around vagina, vulva, or anus.
  • Pain felt during urination.
  • Abnormal flow of blood during your  periods.

You should also consult a doctor if youl:

  • Have a fever.
  • Have inflammation around your lymph glands.
  • If you feel drained out without a reason.

How often do you need an STD test?

How often do you need an STD test depends on your age, your gender, your sexual orientation, whether you are feeling the symptoms, or if you are pregnant?

There are three kinds of testing schedules which include- Annual testing, Interval testing, and special cases.

Annual Testing

If you have never tested for your STDs after safe sex, then you might want to consider annual testing.. It can also be mandatory if you have had sex only once per year.

Interval testing

Sometimes, in addition to annual testing, you might also require Interval testing. If you have multiple sex partners, or you are an active gay man or a bisexual individual, then interval testing is a must.

Special cases

Besides the routine tests during pregnancy, you might have to take a special test as well. Some of the conditions which are categorize under the special cases are:

  • If you have a new sex partner
  • Develop the symptoms of an STD like a genital sore
  • if you acquire symptoms that mimic an STD

How can you prevent STD?

The only way to not develop any symptoms of STD is to not indulge in any sexual activity. Some Sexually Transmitted Diseases such as HIV can develop in an individual even with the slightest intimacy, even without an intercourse.

You can reduce your risk of developing the symptoms of STD by:

  • Indulging into the act of intercourse with just one partner and not multiple.
  • Use precautions, like condoms, during your every sexual intercourse.
  • Get a Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine if you are at risk.
  • Get in touch with routine check-ups.


Hence, we can say that in order to prevent symptoms of Sexually Transmitted Disease, you have to be careful. Follow routine check-ups, and run the annual tests, interval tests, and tests that are under special situations. You can also look for STD clinics near you, of course, the ones that are reputed and hygienic and are safe in every way possible. You deserve to live a very happy and healthy life.

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