Here’s Why Businesses Choose Magento for eCommerce Development 

Today, every business owner wants an eCommerce solution that offers a blend of extensibility, flexibility, and scalability at the fingertips. If you also wish to develop a sophisticated eCommerce store that is packed with world-class features and supports a mobile-friendly theme that allures and engages customers 24/7, you’ve come to the right place. Frankly speaking, there is no dearth of open-source eCommerce CMS platforms in the market, however, choosing the right one for your business is a hard nut to crack. Though, you don’t have to fret anymore.

There is one eCommerce platform that has crossed millions of downloads and is powering 13% of the top one million websites across the internet. Can you guess the name of this platform? Yes, you’re right. We are talking about Magento. It is a popular eCommerce platform with rich features and functionalities that allow store merchants to run an effective online store. Now, let’s quickly look at the reasons behind the ever-growing popularity of Magento for eCommerce store development.

Why Magento for eCommerce Store Development: Top 7 Reasons

1. Open-source Platform

You can download and install Magento Community Edition for free since it is available under Open Source License version 3.0. By using this platform, you can gain distinct advantages over your competitors. It is highly customizable and could be tweaked endlessly. In other words, you can twist the source code in whatever you like and add or remove features and functionalities per your business requirement. If you are not technically sound, you can simply avail of Magento eCommerce development services from a certified expert or an agency and get your eCommerce store developed the way you like.

2. Freedom to choose hosting services of your choice

Unlike Shopify, it offers complete freedom to pick the hosting service provider of your choice. This will help you to choose not only the best hosting services but you can also save a good amount of money.

3. Magento Manage Multiple Stores

Managing various eStores can be a difficult situation. Notwithstanding, with Magento, it gets less difficult. Different eStores in It empower you to deal with assorted gateways. You can promptly oversee different items things, item classifications, and buyers right from the normal Magento administrator board. Thus, it works with clients to easily deal with numerous stores in a solitary establishment.

4. Advanced Search & Security

Magento works with Cutting edge Search, which is a convenient device that helps clients unequivocally figure out various items in the list by utilizing item credits. Likewise, it gives and supports progressed safety efforts.

5. Easy Third-party App Integration With Magento

With Magento, you get complete control over third-party app integration. You can add any plugin or extension of your choice and improve the functionality of your eCommerce store. The best part is that it offers a wide repertoire of extensions through Magento Marketplace. Most of them are available for free, while some of them cost just a couple of dollars.   

6. Value for Money Using Magento

Magento Online business Improvement assists you with building a market presence and in this manner offers a quick return for the money invested. As a startup or SME, choosing it Internet business arrangements would end up being one of the go-to choices. Magento people group release is cost-productive, which thusly manages the venture expenses and accordingly gives more business benefits.

7. Intended for Online Stores

All content management systems are now offering a way to integrate e-commerce functionality. It offers a superior online business experience for the two engineers and store overseers. It is a famous stage and totally centered around internet business store improvement.

Final Thoughts

Over the past few years, it has gained the attention of both developers and store merchants alike. By choosing Magento, you can build robust eCommerce stores that provide unparalleled shopping experiences. However, the thing that you need to note here is that Magento is not a plug-and-play eCommerce solution like Shopify. It does require a good knowledge of coding and store development expertise. If you are not good at coding, it’s wise availing Magento store design services from a certified expert or hire an eCommerce website development company in India that’s been in the business for years. It has developed a decent number of Magento-powered eCommerce stores. 

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