Why Your Annual Physical Exam Is Important

We rely on our senses to do a lot for us. Sight is essential to see where we’re going or avoiding, smell for sniffing out what may be good or bad for the body, hearing to understand the language of everyone and everything around us, taste to distinguish between the nutritional and the poisonous, and touch to ensure our general safety. They not only protect, but also allow us to enjoy life as we feel our way around.

Given their importance, isn’t it even more crucial that we make sure they are all working properly? The answer: annual physical exam. Understandably, some of us get queasy when hearing the word “exam” and Physical exams others run the other direction to anything physical, believe me when I say that your annual physical exam is fairly painless. Your doctor will do most of the manual labor and all you have to do is follow his/her directions.

You’ll be tested for signs of vitality, from blood pressure (average is 120 over 80), heart rate (you want between 60 to 100), respiration rate (generally around 16 without lung or heart issues), and/or temperature (classic 98.6 degrees F). After that physical exam near me comes the exam for your general appearance. How is your heartbeat, breathing, immunity, dental work, abdomen, nerves, strength, reaction ability, balance, pulse, etc.? If you’ve done any smoking, drank alcohol in excess, or had poor diet, exercise, or sexual health, your walk in clinic doctor will figure it out pretty quickly. It’s for the best, so stop worrying.

Depending on your doctor, you may also need to give a blood or urine sample to test for other potential afflictions. Of course, based on your gender you’ll be tested for different diseases or illnesses as well. Males generally are examined for hernia, any STIs, prostate, or testicular issues while women may receive breast or pelvic examinations, in case of cancer or other hazards. The fact remains though, in spite annual physical exams of how many tests there are, you’ll be glad to be safe than sorry. Not to mention, it’ll go by a lot faster than you’re expecting and it’s only once a year.

Annual physical exams are defenders of good health, because for all you know, your body may have long been giving off signals to being unwell before you felt them. Say that one of your five senses were out of tune or no longer the same as when you were young. Why do you think people wear glasses or contacts? Brilliant as a composer Beethoven considering he was deaf, I’ll bet he wished he could’ve had a hearing annual physical in katy aid earlier in life. Those suffering from Alzheimer’s may often be a hazard to themselves because their bodies forget how to sense hot or cold.

That aside, as soon as your sense of smell goes, your sense of taste goes along with it. Our senses interact with one another, and oftentimes as one depreciates, another follows in suit. Why take the risk? Annual physical exams will provide that sense of safety you’ve been lacking. Stop by the office today.

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