Marketing a startup company can be difficult, especially when you are offering an innovative new product or service. Not only are you trying to establish a new brand, but you also face the challenge of explaining exactly what you do and how it differs from every other company  Erklärvideo out there. Oh, and did we mention that most people have short attention spans? You probably won’t get through a long presentation or read a 10-page white paper.

So what should a startup do? The answer is actually quite simple: you need an explainer video.

Short, sweet and to the point

By now you probably know what an explainer video is: a short video (one to three minutes) that introduces people to your company or product and explains exactly what you do in a fun and compelling way.

An explainer is not an advertisement or sales pitch, although it generally includes a call to action. It’s an introduction aimed at getting potential customers interested enough to learn more about your business—and maybe eventually convert.

In fact, explainer videos have been shown to help increase conversions — by as much as 80 percent in some cases. video engages customers; According to a survey, more than 90 percent of customers believe video is helpful in making decisions, and 64 percent of users are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video. Why is that ? Well, videos have some advantages over other types of marketing.

1. It’s short

We’ve already established that audiences have short attention spans. That being said, you might be surprised at how much information you can cram into a 60-90 second video. More importantly, the short format forces you to focus on the most important points. What is your uniqueness? What is your value proposition? What problems can you solve?

2. Videos reveal your culture

As a new company, your audience still has no idea who you are. Through videos and your choice of imagery, music, characters and scripts, you can easily provide insight into your brand and culture and help your audience get a better sense of who you are.

3. Video simplifies complex issues

Again, explainer videos force you to simplify complex topics to fit the format. If your startup offers something completely new and different, an explainer will break it down into key points and focus on what’s in it for the customer. When you create an animated explainer, you can give viewers a glimpse into a complex product that they might not otherwise see and make it easier for them to understand exactly what you need to do.

4. Videos increase the chance of going viral

If you want to improve your SEO results (and who doesn’t?), video is the way to go. YouTube ranks second overall in Google search results, and videos are shared more overall than other forms of content. By sharing your explainer on social media, your blog, YouTube, and other Erklärvideo  places, you can increase your reach and organic search traffic results—something you need as a new business.

Creating a startup explainer

When creating an explainer to market your startup, many of the same principles apply as with any other explainer. The main difference is that this video will probably be the very first introduction to your business for most people. It is very important that you pay special attention to how it reflects your brand, company mission and company values.

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