Natural approach to treating respiratory allergies with ayurvedic herbs

Respiratory allergy symptoms and causes.

If you are suffering from sneezing, blocked, itchy, runny nose, or allergic asthma with dry cough and fever due to a change in weather or coming from a cooling place to warm weather and are unable to find its effective and safe treatment, Then it might be a respiratory allergy, and it can be easily cured with the help of non-toxic and chemical free ayurvedic herbs and medicines. You can get more profound knowledge about ayurvedic remedies by booking your appointment at the best Ayurvedic clinic in Ludhiana under the administration of well-qualified ayurvedic experts.

The common main symptoms of a respiratory allergy are



~runny nose.

~dry cough and fever.

~itchy eyes and nose.

~shortness of breath etc.

Ayurvedic herbs for curing respiratory allergies.

Ayurveda is using several organic herbs in the ayurvedic medicines which are highly beneficial and proven to treat severe allergies. Ayurvedic Doctor Punjab comes up with the most effective solution for respiratory allergies by using some natural and common ayurvedic herbs, which will be discussed in detail in forthcoming paragraphs.

1) Pippali:-

Pippali is an important ayurvedic herb used in diverse ayurvedic medicines and has multifarious benefits. According to Ayurveda, pippali is very helpful in controlling asthma and other respiratory diseases. Respiratory allergies occur due to an imbalance between Kapha and Vata, which causes distraction in the air passage to the lungs and causes swas roga. However, pippali has some decongestant, bronchodilator, and expectorant properties, which keep Kapha in balance and are helpful in preventing many respiratory allergies.

2) Kalmegh:-

Kalmegh looks like a neem plant and is grown in various parts of the Indian subcontinent. It is used in different traditional medicines from vedic period due to its medical properties. Due to its anti-inflammatory property, it is very useful in treating upper respiratory infections, fever, and cold. It is also very helpful for the digestive system due to its laxative properties. Thus it is a vital ingredient in many ayurvedic medications used for acute and chronic respiratory allergies.


Vasaka is another beneficial herb in treating respiratory infections. It is a medicinal plant known as ‘Malabar nut’ in modern science and ‘Arusha’ in regional language.It effectively treats shortness of breath, cough, cold, nasal blockage, sore throat, asthma, bronchitis, and other upper respiratory tract infections. It also helps to maintain the balance betweenKapha and Vata and enhances the capacity of the respiratory system.

With these three essential herbs, there are many other important ayurvedic ingredients and herbs used by vatsyayan’s sanjeevni Ayurvedshala in the treatment of many respiratory allergies from last hundreds of years and successfully cured lakhs of patients diagnosed with respiratory allergies and other chronic or acute diseases.

If you are suffering from any kind of respiratory allergy, skin allergy, sexual disorder, heart problem, constipation, kidney disorder, or any other kind of health issue, Then you can visit or consult the most experienced and expert ayurvedic doctors of Dr Vatsyayan’s Sanjivani Ayurvedshala any time.

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